Monday, July 19, 2010

From my past...

I was visiting a blog I recently found, written by a single day with multiple children in his care, and he was mentioning his childhood, a childhood that started before the 1980s.  It got me to thinking, as I'm much older than he is, that there must be quite a bit I'd forgotten about...  Here are just a few things...

  1. Marlin Perkins & Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
  2. The Wonderful World of Walt Disney
  3. Pilgrim8-7407
  4. manual typewriters and the race to get 1 of the 10 electric typewriters in Mrs. Costello's typing class
  5. riding in the back seat without a seat belt
  6. Channel Lumber
  7. Great Eastern Mills
  8. Kresge's
  9. Two Guys
  10. signing up at the Computer Lab to access a computer in college (OMG, I'm truly O.L.D.)
  11. Gino's
  12. American Bandstand
  13. Saturday Night Fever
  14. Abbott & Costello
  15. Korvette's
  16. Creature Feature
  17. Seaside Heights when you could walk on a beach without stepping on cigarette butts
  18. crabbing in the bay with Uncle W
  19. TV without a remote
  20. black and white TV 'cause that's all there was
  21. Romper Room
  22. The Bowery Boys
  23. Wonderama with Bob McAllister
  24. Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans
  25. My Favorite Martian
  26. My baloney has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R...
  27. Apollo 11
  28. the Manson Murders
  29. the birth of the bikini and the mini-skirt
  30. The Munich Massacre at the Olympics
  31. gas rationing and even/odd days
  32. Watergate
  33. Pope John Paul II
  34. The Me Decade
  35. the famine in Bangladesh
  36. life before the VCR
  37. bra-burning
and I could go on and on... this is just a few minutes of my afternoon, thinking about the 60s and the 70s and what I remember, first-hand.  The scary thing is, this is "history" to so very many people, but to me, it's just my childhood...


  1. Hey, Pope John Paul II was elected during high school, although that was 1979, it doesn't seem long ago enough to qualify. You should be mentioning Vatican II here, since you were, ahem, alive at the time, but if you don't remember it...

    I'll put my thinking cap on and try to remember things that others would. My little plastic brown and white cow toy from the farm set that I used to play with on the front lawn while Mom painted her nails doesn't count.

  2. Pardon me, I was in college when JPII was elected: October 16, 1978, to be exact. I was in my sophomore year in college, in front of Smith Hall, when it was announced. Maybe YOU might have been in high school...
    I can remember Latin mass, but I didn't think of it when making this quick little list...