Saturday, July 31, 2010

What did Big Sister read in July?

No too much that improved my mind or challenged me, but they were fun, nonetheless!

The Bodyguard, by Cherry Adair - I ordered this 'cause of the author, but it turned to be a 3-story collection with the main male character being a bodyguard of some kind.  Not the best Adair story  I've ever read, but what can you do?

Ice Cold, by Tess Gerritsen - As always, a GREAT criminal procedural.  Some blood and gore tossed in to make it an exciting read.  I love her books and was not disappointed.  And she tossed in some cult references, too, another plot twist that always catches my attention.

Private, James Patterson - Co-written with Maxine Paetro, not one of his best, but it was a James Patterson mystery/thriller.  Shared it with Mom already.

Silent Scream, Karen Rose - This one threw me off.  I thought Rose's last book was in hardcover; why would this new one come out in paperback?  But I hadn't read it before; it was indeed a new story.  Fires set to cover murders.  Young teens being blackmailed into setting the fires.  One bad guy lurking in the background.  And when you find out how he makes them set these fires?  Well, suffice it to say that you will be VERY careful about what you say in public, say on your cell phones, or put out there over the internet...

The Search, Nora Roberts - Used to be a fan, until I saw an uncorrected manuscript and realized just how much of her stories are saved by her editors and proofreaders...  For some reason, though, I picked this one up and it was good.  It involved canine search and rescue training, a subject I like since reading so many Kay Hooper titles...  The story was pretty good, and I liked how the romance between the two main characters seemed more normal, not all romantic and sappy, but with more bumps in the road, and one liking one more than the other, and having to realize you are in love...  Sometimes it's just not all wrapped up in a pretty bow and recognizable as "love."  And I also like stories that take place in the Northwest...

Drop Shot, Harlan Coben - I love his books, and this earlier one was no less intriguing.  I like seeing Myron visit all these places in NJ that I know...

Live to Tell, Lisa Gardner - Love her books!  A mystery and a thriller all wrapped up into one.  And add in a feral girl, a woo-woo New Age "expert," and some other children committed to the locked-down pediatric psych ward, and DD Warren has a lot to figure out.

The Obama Diaries, Laura Ingraham - It's no surprise I'd like this book since I'm a registered Republican, but the most fun part of it was the made up diary entries by BO, Miche, Axe, Joe, Rahm, and a number of other political figures!  Since I lean toward agreeing with some of Laura's politics, it was an easy read for me, but like I said, the most fun was the format itself.

Criminal Minds, Jeff Mariotte - A Wiley book!  The author references episodes from one of my favorite shows and includes a brief summary of the real-life crimes and criminals that were the basis for the show.  Those real life murderers were mentioned by the characters when they were creating their profile for the TV killer.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson - THIS is why I don't like to read books that are getting a lot of hype.  I started it a month ago, and I'm not even 1/2-way through.  I'm not liking the writing.  I'm not liking the characters.  I don't like the storyline so far.  Everyone and anyone who calls this modern literature has been paid off - it does NOT qualify as literature, modern or otherwise.  I will NOT be reading the next several books, and I rank this right up there down there with Twilight, and we all know how I feel about THAT piece of trash.  I'll try to remember to make mention of this one next month, after I've finished the book.  My friend seems to feel most people who liked it skimmed it until they found a dirty word, a reference to murder or sex, or something else that caught their attention.  But I read every word, and I.DON'T.LIKE.IT.

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  1. I'm simply shocked that my sister who read nothing other than romances for how many years is reading mysteries and thrillers! Love it!

    So now do you understand why I didn't like The Shack and you did? You don't like Girl.. and others did. It's all about personal taste. It doesn't make people who like one thing/genre wrong and the others right. If that were true, then you'd be the one who was wrong, given you like Laura Ingraham.... So sayeth the liberal Democrat sister. (Which, readers, is why we don't discuss politics!)