Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Haven't checked in in a while. The dogs have been having upset tummies since Saturday--you know what that means. They're eating grubs and June bugs and I don't know what else out in the backyard, and while that shouldn't really bother them, I can't figure out anything else that might be causing the gastro-intestinal upset they and I have been living with.

I'm halfway through Murder in the Marias by Cara Black, and can understand how one reviewer made a comment about her character, Aimee LeDuc, being a superwoman--she pops her own dislocated shoulder back into its socket, and a day later is shimmying down the balcony and gutter outside her own office to surprise the person who broke in. That didn't bother me as much as her discovery of a 50-year-old fingerprint on the bottom of a sink in a formerly boarded up stairwell. I'm having a hard time picturing why a stairwell boarded up during the Nazi occupation had a sink in it to begin with, and I'm pretty sure fingerprints aren't visible to the naked eye. I assume it was a bloody fingerprint, but I don't remember it being described that way. And that, my sisters, is the downside to listening to an audio book--it's hard to scroll back to check a description or fact when running at 6 a.m.

Made a delicious corn recipe last night: esquites, modified with cilantro and queso fresco. I could have eaten all four ears' worth!

 Hmm, not sure why this is sideways, but even deleting and uploading this photo several times didn't make it load correctly. Oh well, it looks good sideways, too!

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