Sunday, December 30, 2012

Li'l Sis December 2012 Read & January 2013 Read

Since I know I won't be done by the 1st, I'll add it to January! I just started A Vampire's Christmas Carol by Sarah Gray.  Couldn't find a more seasonal & Li'l Sis-appropriate-title on my bookshelves. It is quite enjoyable, heralding back to the writings of Dickens, with a twist! A big change from the recently-enjoyed Gillian Flynn! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Sis' November 2012 Books

Hey, we must be related!  I read a lot, too, but when I went to my list?  Only 3 books!  Really??? 

Well, admittedly I was a bit distracted by Hurricane Sandy (yes, I spent 10 days at home, 6 of them without heat or electricity, and I lost quite a bit of reading time at night - it's hard to read when it's pitch black in your room!), the Thanksgiving holiday, prepping for our family party (113 people and we were the hosting family this year!), Christmas shopping/decorating/card-writing, to say nothing of the really tough time I'm having at work lately.  No excuses, just reasons...

In the meantime, here are the three books I managed to squeeze into my November...

Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins (Kindle edition) - This is the third in the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I must say, while not a rabid fan like some, I liked books 1 and 3; I wasn't so enthralled by book 2.  I still sort of have a problem with a book FOR teens, ABOUT teens killing each other for sport in an arena, while being CONTROLLED by supposed adult mentors...  This last book had a lot of action, and I was able to borrow it for free from the Amazon Prime Lending Library.  I paid my $75 fee up front, and I now get free 2-day delivery and can borrow from the Prime Lending Library.  These are not books I would have paid for; I borrowed #1 from my daughter in trade paper format, and borrowed the Kindle editions from Amazon for free.  Free is good when I'm not a big fan...

The First Prophet, by Kay Hooper - I love Ms. Hooper's paranormal books, about the psychic Haven operatives.  This one seems to be the start of a new series, not directly related to Haven, but the Bishops are operating on the fringes of this new series...  If you read the books, you know of what I speak...  This was a good one, lots of psychic action and drama, and I liked the characters.  Hope they all appear in future books, too.  Sarah wakes from a coma with powers she didn't have before, strong powers that attract the attention of the bad guys.  Writer Tucker Mackenzie tries to help save her life, and while we assume they live happily ever after once they fall in love with each other, I sort of hope they become operatives in the Bishop Files series and we get to see them again!

The Tales of Beetle the Bard, by JK Rowling (Kindle edition) - This book was ONLY released in e-format, as a fundraiser for JK's Lumos Foundation.  It is a compilation of 5 fairy tales, translated and re-released by Hermione Grainger, with commentary by Albus Dumbledore.  LOVED it!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Middle Sister's November 2012 Books

I did read in November, really, although the meager two titles may not seem like I spent much time with my nose buried in a book. I was distracted by grading writing assignments, out of town visitors, and several have-to-finished-last-week-even-though-we-told-you-not-to-start-until-today projects at work.

Absolute Monarch: A History of the Papacy by John Julius Norwich Fun and easy-to-read papacy history light. Sure, Norwich focuses on the not-at-all-holy, er, shall we call them, activities of the popes, especially the salacious Middle Ages popes. He does a good job of simplifying some of medieval European history, convoluted as it is, with abundant handy footnotes. It is a big tome, though, and took most of November to finish.

The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells My nineteenth-century literature book club's November pick. Awesome! Accurate depiction of how people interact during catastrophes. Surprising solution to the invasion of England by the Martians. Very modern prose and action-oriented, which should keep a modern reader used to the nonstop Dan Brown-esque level of action interested. I totally enjoyed every second of this book and recommend it heartily.