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Big Sis' January 2012 Reads

It was a short month.  And it's funny because I don't really know what else I did when I wasn't reading...  I don't have anything to show for it...  Although admittedly I spent a lot of hours playing with my iPhone so maybe I was playing too much Words with Friends to read another book...

Private #1 Suspect, James Patterson and Maxine Paetro - Jack Morgan is framed for the murder of his former employee/ex-girlfriend.  It's a quick read, not too many twists and turns, but typical JP.  Mom will like this one!  I heard a bit about these co-authored JP books.  Apparently Mr. Patterson writes out a VERY detailed outline (100+ pages!) and pretty much has the story the way he wants it when he hands it over to his non-ghost-writer.  He is insistent that their names be on the front cover so that they get the credit they deserve.  He's proud, apparently, to help aspiring writers break into the publishing world.  After all, what publisher is going to tell him "No, we're not putting their name on the cover"?  I like the fact that the story is indeed his, but that someone else has an opportunity to flesh it out and get some credit and a boost up into the publishing stratosphere...

Organize for a Fresh Start, Susan Fay West (Kindle edition) - An easy read, but I had some trouble reading it on a Kindle.  But I am giving it a try.  I am still having a hard time with so little text on a page, even when I shrink the font.  I feel like I'm just swiping page to page to page constantly.  Ms. West helps us understand why we're organizing, how to purge, how to save, and she's not afraid to recommend the use of a professional organizer when one is warranted.  I found some good ideas in this book but it's not one I would return to for reference over and over so I guess it's a good thing that this is one I chose to read on my Kindle.  The reason I chose it is that it was on sale for $0.00.  The price was certainly right, even if the format is giving me a headache!

She Can Run, Melina Leigh (Kindle edition) - STILL giving it a try...  This was a $3.99 special.  Again, I see the value of some of these promo prices, although they're usually not on premium, name-brand authors, which means I have an opportunity to "find" a new favorite.  Again, not the most pleasurable reading experience for me.  I think this sort of solidified my feeling that Kindle books are going to be my vacation read method, but not my primary book format.  I can SO see the value of not carrying an extra bag, not to mention the extra pounds (I carry enough of a surplus of those already!!!), so I'll be looking for books to read on the Kindle when I go to Florida in May, then to New Orleans the following week, then to Philly in August...  But I'll not be reading much more on the machine outside of traveling time.   And now on to the story itself:  It was sort of a predictable read.  Elizabeth was on the run from an abusive husband, hiding herself and her two young children on a rather remote estate.  Of course, the gentleman who hired her died before she arrived and no one knew she was coming, but the weathered and gruff handsome heir, who coincidentally is a soon-to-be-retired police detective, sees she needs to stay, realizes she's hiding something, falls in love with her, and eventually saves her from her abusive ex, all while solving the mystery of the serial killer who lives in their midst.  Easy to see how it was all going to wind up, but for $3.99, a few good hours of entertainment.

The 7th Month, Lisa Gardner (Kindle Edition) - Now I might STILL download these sorts of things... a short story by a favorite author, just a little something to entertain me in between hardcover releases, for the very attractive price of $1.99!  As much, though, as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lisa's books, this short story was a little disappointing; I wanted a bit more story.  But for $1.99, with nothing else to read?  This certainly fit the bill!  It was sort of A Day in the Life of Detective D.D. Warren as she battles to find a retired cop's murderer before he/she murders again.  A short story, yes, not enough to be a major release, but a cute interlude, so to speak...

DoodleBug Goes to Work

DoodleBug began his work at the local community hospital today, after getting the approval of the program coordinator. His first official stop was with her in Labor and Delivery, although we'd walked through the hospital and stopped in the surgery waiting lounge on our way to her office. He got his photo taken for his very own badge, but will be reusing his predecessor, K the Magnificent's, hospital vest. He enjoyed himself tremendously, and I think will settle down very quickly into the routine. He is quite the charmer.