Friday, November 6, 2015

We Interrupt Our Regular Schedule: Yarned and Dangerous

Interrupting our regular review schedule to review a book that will be published Nov. 24. Yarned and Dangerous by Sadie Hartwell is another in a string of cosy mysteries set in yarn shops designed to target to knitter/reader, and this one works. Our amateur detective, Josie, is struggling in her attempts to get her fashion career off the ground in NYC, so grudgingly accepts her mother's wheedling to go help her great uncle recuperate after a car accident that killed his new wife, Cora. Cora owned a yarn shop in the faltering town of Dorset Falls, and one of Josie's tasks is to get the shop and its inventory ready for sale. Naturally, she stumbles into a murder that soon involves her in the lives, loves, and drama of Dorset Falls.

I did enjoy this mystery. The supporting characters were well fleshed and not just wallpaper to allow Josie to shine. Her curmudgeon of an uncle and the nice neighbor next door are realistically portrayed. Although I usually prefer a little bit more prose in my descriptions, the town and countryside and weather descriptions are sufficient. I did find one plot line that was tome irritating--no shop owner does not have an inventory somewhere, even if it's handwritten. I understand the author needed a ploy to get Josie to start to like the fiber and  begin to see a life for herself in Dorset Falls, but honestly, any shopkeeper that keeps a record of sales of yarn to particular customers by brand, color, weight, and dye lot would have kept an inventory. How else do you  know when to reorder? Okay, that's my inner sales clerk whining, but it kept nudging me through a large part of the book. Nonetheless, I will return to the Tangled Web mystery series.

Recommended for cosy mystery readers and knitters alike.