Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Big Sis' May 2014 Reads

This was a tech-heavy month - most of the books were NetGalley freebies, read on my Kindle...  Should have probably saved a couple for my trip out west next week...

Private LA, James Patterson and Mark Sullivan - I'm not a fan of Brangelina, but the main characters of this book, Thom and Jennifer Harlow, were quite obviously loosely based on that famous couple.  This high profile Hollywood couple (and their numerous adopted children) disappear in the beginning of the book and while Jack Morgan and his team search for them (all the while discovering all sorts of kinky things about them!), they are also trying to save Los Angeles from No Prisoners, a terrorist group out to kill citizens unless LA pays them big bucks.  Two completely unrelated stories, although the terrorist story had a bit more meat to it and could have stood on its own.

Sweet Nothings, Kim Law (NetGalley, Kindle edition) - LOVED it!  What a fun, light-hearted romance, easy to read, with characters I really liked!  Joanie has started and ended over 30 businesses in the past several years, but her most recent is a cupcake truck.  She meets Nick, brother to .  She wants no strings fun, but Nick falls for her in a big way.  Such a great give and take, a lot of fun to read!

Sugar Springs, Kim Law (Kindle edition) - I loved reading Sweet Nothings so I went and bought this first story in the Sugar Springs series.  Lee Ann is raising her sister's twin daughters.  Everyone knows she's their aunt, although their mom died when they were just born...  Their father shows ups  - we knew he would! - and it turns out that what Lee Ann had been thinking about her ex - AND about his one night stand with her sister (horrors!) - isn't what really happened.  Can they find a happy ending?  It's a romance, people, of course they will, but it's fun going along for the ride!

The Art of Arranging Flowers, Lynne Branard (NetGalley, Kindle edition) - I wasn't so sure about this ARC.  It was slow to grab my interest, but I admit, by the time I was halfway through the book, I was hooked.  Yes, it's too bad it took that long, but it really was a good story.  There were a couple of plot twists that really didn't need to be in the book for it to be a good, complete story, but they weren't the worst thing in the world, either...  Ruby Jewell has been a florist for twenty years.  She's been alone for a long time, too, since her sister died.  They were thisclose, you see, and not a day goes by that she doesn't miss her.  The town seems to think she needs fixing up, though, but this isn't your typical Harlequin romance.  This is fiction, with love being the background theme...  You'll love her dog, Clementine, too!

Searching for Perfect, Jennifer Probst (NetGalley, Kindle edition) - Apparently this is book 2 in the Marriage to a Billionaire series, and part of the Searching for... spinoff. I read The Marriage Merger previously and called it fluff, but at least it's readable fluff!  This story involves the transformation of a NASA scientist into someone who can go on a speed date...  The person responsible for the transformation?  Why, the owner of the local matchmaking service, of course.  And who'd have thunk they'd wind up together?

Unlucky 13, James Patterson - One of the Women's Murder Club books, serial killer Mackie Morales is back.  Even though it's the main story, it seemed not to be... and there was a surprise this time around that I didn't expect.

The Collector, Nora Roberts - What a job!  House-sitting expensive apartments, houses, pieds–à–terre...  Of course, when you're spying on the next apartment house through a pair of binoculars, a la Rear Window, should you really be surprised to witness a murder?  And then get caught up in it as a witness?  Of course not!  I haven't been so overexcited about Ms. Roberts' books recently, but this one was pretty good...  I'm glad I read it.

The Millionaire Affair, Jessica Lemmon (NetGalley, Kindle edition) - Landon hires Kimber to be his temporary nanny.  They knew each other years ago - well, she had a crush on him but he barely knew she existed...  He notices now, and he suggests, since they're attracted to each other, that they have an affair, no strings attached, have fun, enjoy each other to the fullest...  Yea, good idea...  I'm sure their hearts will never get involved...

Delectable, Adrianne Lee (NetGalley, Kindle edition) - Callee is on her way out of town.  She has to stop and see her soon-to-be-ex mother-in-law, who she adores.  Good thing her soon-to-be ex is out of town, fishing again...  Or is he?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Middle Sister's May Read

Yup, another month where I finished just one book. But it was a classic: The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie. This was the second Miss Marple, and there were dramatic differences between the first two books in the series, separated by eight years. Miss Marple is almost a secondary character in Murder in the Vicarage, but by Body in the Library, there are numerous allusions to her skill as a detective. She's also much more likeable as a character. 

And Dame Agatha has evolved as a writer, no doubt influenced by the politics of the 1930s. There's a subtext of classism that is not explored, but is very explicit.

I've read all of these before, but one of my online book groups is reading all the Miss Marple books in order. It's casting a fresh light on these old favorites.