Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Middle Sister's Mid-Month Review: Thrive

I admit to having become increasingly interested in health books as I advance through middle age. I definitely want to age well and soundly.

Thrive by Kamea Chayne

Thrive is an all-over guide for those seeking to improve their lives wholesale. Sections address sleep, exercise, and food, but also includes sections on how to improve your personal shopping to improve our communities and our world. Big kudos to this book for having an exhaustive list of footnotes to support all the health and other facts and information included. Too many health and how-to guides just say things, for wild example: 'eating x has been shown to be good for you,' without telling us who found this, how, and exactly what did x improve. The scientist in me loved that these were legitimate sources, too, including professional nutrition journals. I appreciated the individual, and often small, actions that were proposed that can help the reader to improve their lives, to enjoy more, to thrive, and how these were connected to the local and wider community.

There were only a few tables towards the end of the book, and these didn't translate well in the ebook version (hopefully this was improved in the final version). However, tables and charts could have enhanced earlier sections of the book as well. The only real objection I have to the book were the chapter-ending summaries: virtually word for word what had been said in the preceding chapter pages, this was a big waste of space and time. Bulleted high points or better yet, an elegant summary or personal reflection would have been better. If you are not a devotee of magazines like Prevention and Health (which I admit I am), there will be a lot of new, easily digestible information in here for use to improve your overall health and well being, as well as that of the community in which we live.