Monday, April 13, 2015

Middle Sister's March Books

March was a fairly slow month, reading-wise, but I did get in three enjoyable mysteries, my favorite genre.

Treachery in Bordeaux by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen Part of the Winemaker's series that is just being translated into English, this quick read was enjoyable enough that I'll probably read more in the series if it comes my way, but probably won't seek it out. Pluses: interesting setting (French vineyards), an intelligent, happily married amateur detective, very interesting secondary characters (all the women, and expanding their characters would have been a bonus to the story), a detective who turns things over to the police. Cons: light on plot, the relationship between our detective and his sidekick is not well developed, an awfully light of time is spent discussing wines which may or may not be fictional and which adds little to the plot. Recommended to Francophiles and anyone looking for anew series.

Past Tense by Catherine Aird A Sloan and Crosby mystery, this lives up to the great string of mysteries in the series. Although I had added in my own little twist when I figured out the whodunnit that Ms. Aird did not include, the book was still enjoyable. Well paced, well plotted, with enough red herrings if you weren't paying attention. The only thing that rankled were Sloan's cryptic comments about his wife and marriage (they're happy comments indicating a happy marriage, but seemed a little heavy-handed after the third or fourth occurrence). Recommended to all mystery lovers, not just Anglophiles.

Some Buried Caesar by Rex Stout Caesar was not who I expected him to be. Really intriguing Nero Wolfe mystery as it is one of the few in which Wolfe is not in his NYC townhouse, but is actually outside. He even gets some fresh air in the real outside. Entertaining entry in the series. Just remember it was published in 1939 when Wolfe reveals his misogynist tendencies. Recommended for genre lovers, of course, because Wolfe is classic. 

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