Thursday, July 31, 2014

Middle Sister's July Books

July was the month of re-releases, and one oldie but goodie.

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome This was a re-read for me, for my nineteenth century novels reading group. I still find some of the passages quite funny, and for most of it, you can forget you're reading a book that was published in 1889, because the difficulty of raising a tent is still the same, or cooking in camp, today as it was then. It's a quick read and an interesting glimpse into the late nineteenth century. (ebook)

Adam and Evil by Gillian Roberts Re-release of an older Amanda Pepper mystery. Ms. Roberts has written a new introduction and mentions the differences in technology between this book, published in 1999, and today. But really, the tech differences are very slight, and Ms. Roberts books are so well written, and Amanda such a sympathetic main character, that the reader is swept up with the mystery and doesn't even notice the lack of cell phones or Facebook references. The series ended in 2007, and I realized how much I miss Amanda Pepper.  (ebook)

Food, Genes, and Culture by Gary Nabhan I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Nabhan this spring, and have seen him lecture. He's one of those authors that can take a topic that sounds like it might be full of dry data (nutrition) and write about it in an entertaining and relevant style. A great read for anyone interested in the intersection of nutrition, culture, health, and diet. (NetGalley)

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