Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Big Sis' Reads March 2014

I'm doing better - only two months behind...

The Stranger You Know, Andrea Kane - This is another Forensic Instincts title.  Casey looks incredibly similar to the women recently found murdered in the area.  She's lucky because she has her whole team to keep her safe.  This was a good one - surprise ending I didn't see coming!  I've liked pretty much every Andrea Kane title I've read and I started reading her almost 30 years ago, when I had lunch with her!  She came to meet a colleague when I worked at SDC and since I was the resident romance reader, and Andrea started with more romance titles than thriller/mystery titles, I was invited to go along.  We had lunch at the French Hill Inn, which is no longer there, but was a fabulous restaurant!

How to Talk to Customers, Diane Berenbaum and Tom Larkin - This is a title we published and I picked up after a few days of sales training in February.  (Yea, call me a kiss-up!)  I have promised to give a review to my bosses - it's pretty much common sense, in my humble opinion, and can be summed up as follows:  you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Cross My Heart, James Patterson - OMG!  An Alex Cross cliffhanger!  I just can't wait for the next one!!!  His family is KIDNAPPED!  And that's not even a spoiler 'cause that's how this book ends!!!

First Love, James Patterson and Emily Raymond - I'm always surprised I like his non-mystery, almost romance titles...  I cried like a baby at the end of this one.  Axi Moore is a good girl.  Until she asks Robinson to run away with her.  They both went through chemo as young kids and have been besties ever since.  They run away to experience life, but they get more than they bargained for, and so did I.  Never expected this ending at all.

Innocence, Dean Koontz - I love this author.  I'm not a huge fan of his early horror books, but I AM a huge fan of the last 15 years' worth or so...  Addison Goodheart lives beneath the city streets, alone.  No one can see him or they'll be horrified and will try to kill him; even his own mother tried several times to kill him when he was a child.  He meets Gwyneth No-Last-Name who can never be touched.  A real pair, they are, and yes, they really are.  Marionette puppets who come to life.  A man who stole from Gwyneth's father, and raped her when she was young, wants to kill both her and Addison.  The entire book takes place in the night, the only time when Addison can leave the subterranean world he calls home.  Awesome.  So very visual.  Dean, I love it!

Sweet Revenge, Rebecca Zanetti (NetGalley, Kindle) - Matt Dean is the oldest of four brothers who were genetically engineered by the government.  He's on the run, looking to find the one doctor who can defuse the explosive that's inserted in his body, next to his spine.  He meets Laney Jacobs, who's on the run herself.  There's an explosion, all right, but it's love, not a bomb.

Missing You, Harlan Coben (Kindle) - Kat Donovan is shocked when she sees her ex-fiance, the only man she ever loved, on a dating website.  She's even more shocked when it turns out he's involved in something that can keep them apart, even though she was hoping for a second chance.  This didn't end the way I expected either - and that's a good thing.  Too easy an ending is sometimes just, well, too easy an ending...

Blossom Street Brides, Debbie Macomber (NetGalley, Kindle) - Lauren has been waiting years for Todd to propose.  She finally decides she's not going to wait any longer.  It's funny how fate works, because that's exactly when she meets her true love.  Bethanne and Max are married and happily in love, but her ex wants her back and Max is feeling rather insecure.  Their long distance relationship is strained but it's a Debbie Macomber book so we know it will all work out in the end (not a spoiler!).  And Lydia, who owns the local yarn store, is dealing with her adopted daughter's problems and a mysterious knitter...

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