Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Big Sis' Reads April 2014

A vast improvement:  only one week late!!!

A Seal's Kiss, Tawny Weber (NetGalley, Kindle) - Navy Seal Aidan Masters has always liked his mentor's daughter, free spirit Sage Taylor.  When her father takes ill, she invents, unknown to Aidan, their fake engagement, which puts the spring back into her dad's step.  Aidan comes home on leave, unexpectedly, if I remember correctly, and they have to then act as if the engagement is real.  I liked this one; it was a cute story, but I sort of feel as if they made her a dumb blonde without blonde hair.  I prefer stronger female characters, but it was still a good read.

Risk Taker, Lindsay McKenna (NetGalley, Kindle) - Army helicopter pilot Sarah Benson is one of seventy-five women on a base of one thousand men, always fighting for respect and always being devalued by the men.  Petty Officer Ethan Quinn is a US Navy Seal, stationed on the army base with his platoon.  He rescues Sarah one night, after another man attacks her.  Ethan has a hidden soft side; he writes poetry.  This book shows their relationship develop; he loves her almost immediately, but until the end of the book, she doesn't acknowledge any feeling for him.  I didn't like this story and won't read Degree of Risk, even though I've gotten hooked on other NetGalley romances that have prequels and sequels...  I'm not a fan.

The First Phone Call from Heaven, Mitch Albom - What if you could get a phone call from someone who's passed?  What I wouldn't give to hear my dad's voice again...  It happens, to more than one person, in a small town in Michigan.  Is it a real miracle?  Or is it a hoax?  As much as I loved this book, I want to read Mitch Albom's books not because they're always good, but because one is NEVER like the other!  They're always great, but they're always so different than those that came before...

Hot and Bothered, Kate Meader (NetGalley, Kindle) - Jules was always a party girl; it took the focus off her dyslexia.  Then her partying caught up with her and she got pregnant, and that's when she found out her "boyfriend" was married.  So she escapes, running "home" to the US to her brother.  She finds Taddeo DeLuca, related somehow to her sister-in-law (I sort of never got that straight!), and he becomes her best friend.  They're both attracted to each other but no one acts on the attraction.  Almost three years later, the father is back in the picture, wanting to get to know his son, and this sparks enough drama in the family that Jules and Tad start seeing each other as more than just friends...

Seaview Inn, Sherryl Woods - I think I already reviewed Home to Seaview Key, and this is the prequel to that love story.  This book explains how Hannah met Luke again, after all those years, after his childhood romance with Abby, how health issues almost come between them, but how love triumphs over all.

The Burning, Jane Casey (NetGalley, Kindle)- Meh.  Maeve Kerrigan is a detective constable in London and she is on the case of The Burning Man, a killer who beats women to death before setting their bodies on fire.  She is called to investigate a 5th woman's death, but this one looks different.  No one seems to believe this, but Maeve is determined to find the killer, whether it's the Burning Man or another sicko.  The story itself was okay, but the author didn't do that great a job with the romantic subplot.

Inn at Last Chance, Hope Ramsay (NetGalley, Kindle) - Jenny Carpenter is pie-baking champion in Last Chance, and she goes against every recommendation and buys the old inn, intending to turn it into a charming B&B.  Who returns but Gabriel Raintree, famous author, former owner of the inn, and who does he bring with him?  A ghost.  A very active, poltergeist-y ghost... 

Blind Faith, Rebecca Zanetti (NetGalley, Kindle) - This is #2 - I can't wait to read numbers 3 and 4!  Nate Dean is one of four brothers who were genetically engineered by the government.  He had a brief, blazing affair with Audrey, daughter of the doctor who implanted the explosives in his spine, and in his brother's spines, too.  He finds out Audrey got pregnant and goes after her to find his baby.  There's bad news, but with Aud's help, he's one step closer to saving himself and his brothers.  And there's some other good news at the end of the book!

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