Friday, November 1, 2013

Middle Sister's October 2013 Books

Believe it or not, I've been reading--a lot--this month, but I'm currently reading an ARC on my Kindle that I've been reading exclusively for 3 weeks--it's that thick. The beauty/bane of the Kindle is you never know what you've gotten yourself in for with any particular book, because who really understands into how many inches thick thousands of locations translate? But I did finish two books this month:

Great Little Gifts to Knit by Jean Moss Charming small presents for the knitter to make. Taunton Press did as nice a job as a certain other press whose knitting books I've reviewed in making sure the layout is open (knitters write notes while knitting), and that there are lots of clear, detailed photographs. The usual line-up of knitted gift subjects (a shawlette, hats, mitts, toys) is upended by the inclusion of more unusual items, like a guitar strap that doubles as a belt. And there's a particularly cute tea cozy pattern, and you know how I love tea cozies...  (Net Galley)

The Money Bird by Sheila Webster Boneham Second in the Janet MacPhail series which, let's face it, I'm predisposed to like--50-ish, dog-loving woman finds charming, dog-loving professor to share life and murder mysteries with (yes,that's a dangling preposition there--I'm feeling spunky tonight). In this book, Janet gets involved with exotic bird smuggling. Although Janet again insists on doing harebrained things she should know better than to do after her first murder encounter, at least she has learned some lessons. I admit the ending surprised me--well done. Dog lovers will love this series. (Net Galley)

Next month may be another two-title-only month: Silence, which I'm reading now, and my book club will be reading Lorna Doone, which is 10,638 locations in the Kindle version I have, which sounds like it is an awfully thick book. But I've seen the old, silent movie, so I'm eager to brew a pot of tea, make some shortbread, and escape to the highlands.

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