Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Big Sis' July 2013 Reads

Under the Dome, Stephen King (Kindle edition) - Okay, I caved.  I got so caught up in this mini-series I didn't want to wait to get to the bookstore to buy the book, so I caved into that immediate gratification that is e-books and ordered it for my Kindle.  I had it in 30 seconds.  And I started reading it in 31 seconds.  LOVED it!  I haven't read a King book in, oh, it has to be 25 years.  The disappointment is that the book was so good that the series now seems a bit lacking - "Why didn't they...?"  "In the book she wasn't..."  "But that didn't happen in the book..."  Chester's Mill is enclosed by a giant dome.  We don't know where it came from, we don't know how it works, we don't know how to get rid of it.  People die, planes crash, there's all sorts of political drama and criminal trespassing and murders and crazy people...  Fun!!!

The Marriage Merger #4:  Marriage to a Billionaire, Jennifer Probst (Kindle edition from netgalley.com) - Yea, okay, fluff.  Nothing but fluff.  A trashy romance with tension between our hero and heroine, a mom who arranges for them to marry 'cause after all, Mother knows best!  The fun part was it took place in Italy!

The Lean Startup, Eric Ries (Kindle edition) - I'm reading this a chapter at a time.  It's a business book, recommended by my new manager, so of course I bought it and am trying to get through it.  I see what he wants me to learn from it, but I have to say, it's not the kind of read I prefer.

The Returned, Jason Mott (Kindle edition from either netgalley.com or Harlequin) - This book got a LOT of buzz at BEA this year.  When I saw a chance to read this, I jumped at it.  The premise was pretty nifty:  people who have died, years ago or yesterday, are all coming back at the same age they were when they died, but in countries all over the globe, unaware of what happened, how they got there, how they could get home...  I was hooked on page one.  And I was disappointed in the quick ending, once I got to it.  Not that the ending was bad, per se, but it wrapped up just a little too quickly for my taste.

Thunderhead, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child - Nora Kelly, a young archaeologist,
receives a letter written sixteen years ago, yet mysteriously mailed only recently. In it her father, long believed dead, hints at the discovery of  the lost city of an ancient civilization that suddenly vanished a thousand years ago. Nora is chose to lead an expedition into Utah's canyons. Nora begins to unravel the greatest riddle of American archeology. but what she unearths will be the newest of horrors...

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  1. Hmm, may have to read Thunderhead myself. The Returned sounds like an interesting concept.

    And as re: your August list: if the mommy porn is all bad derivative crap, why are you reading it?