Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Big Sis' August 2013 Reads

The Dominant, Tara Sue Me - 50 Shades of Gray started this whole mommy porn trilogy trend.  I used to read a lot of books by "anonymous" when I was in my 20s, books that were really explicit and indecent.  I admit it; I used to exchange them with a friend (those of us who don't, read about it, you know?!?!).  So these mommy porn stories aren't new to me, but at least, please, have a storyline!  In this series, Nathaniel is a playboy businessman, and Abby is a submissive.  She applies to be his submissive.  (Uh-huh, see why this just makes my skin crawl?)  But they come to care about each other, and he realizes she means more to him than any of his previous submissives... 

The Silver Chain, Primula Bond - This is the first in yet another trilogy of mommy porn.  I won't be bothering with books 2 and 3.  I get it, 50 Shades of Gray was semi-okay; they're not going to win any Pulitzers or any other book awards, for that matter, but they were semi-well written, whether I liked the characters or the stories or not.  But The Dominant?  Eh.  Actually, "eh" is better than I thought the book was...  I was disappointed in it, in the main characters Serena and Gustav, in the storyline I had a hard time following...  I admit, I only skimmed this book, that's how not so good I thought it was...

Tell Me, Lisa Jackson (galley) - Nicki is engaged to Pierce. She's a reporter, he's a detective.  She starts investigating a 20-year-old murder, one that she has personal ties to, and eventually, of course, it becomes all too real and menacing.

Mistress, James Patterson and David Ellis - Ben is obsessed with Diana, and when she is found murdered, he begins to investigate her murder.  He soon finds Diana wasn't who he thought she was, that she was involved in illicit affairs, etc. 

Three Little Words, Susan Mallery - Believe it or not, this is the 12TH in the Fool's Gold series and I'm loving each and every one!  Isabel comes home to run her family's bridal shop, and everyone knows it's only temporary.  But Ford is home, too - does he remember all the letters she wrote him when she was a kid and her sister had broken his heart?  Lots has happened since then - he joined the military and stayed away for years, her sister married and had kids with the real love of her life, and Isabel still loves Ford, although he has no idea...  And really, she doesn't realize it at first, either...

The Longings of Wayward Girls, Karen Brown (galley) -

Maggie's Man, Alicia Scott (Lisa Gardner) -

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