Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Sister's April 2013 Books

(Yes, posted in June - so sue me!!!)

Six Years, by Harlan Coben - This started out with an awesome twist.  Jake watched Natalie marry another man.  Turn the page.  Years pass.  Jake sees the other man's obituary online and decides that despite Natalie's request he stay away from her, he's going to the funeral.  So he does.  And sure enough, the other man is dead but his grieving wife is NOT Natalie!  I got hooked on these mysteries a few years ago, when I was going on a cruise.  I bought 8 Coben paperbacks and read each and every one of them on that cruise!  He is from NJ so some of them take place there and it's sort of cool to recognize towns and landmarks.  Not all of his books take place there, but the ones with Myron Bolitar as the main character do.

Taking Eve, Iris Johansen - Another in the Eve series, and I really thought to myself a couple of books ago, "What can she do now that they found Bonnie?"  But the stories continue, and they're still good!  Eve is drawn into another missing persons mystery, but this time, Jim Doane, who appears to be a normal, loving, grieving day, well, let's just say he isn't.  Normal.

Fallen Masters, John Edward - Yes, a fictional book written by John Edward.  The psychic, not the fallen politician.  This was a cool story, about evil taking over the earth, based around the faith and strength of key people, all of whom appear to be random and unrelated, but wind up connected in tremendous ways.  Good does triumph in the end, with a touch of psychic phenomena, if you believe...

Shiver, Maggie Stiefvater - I had this ARC (advance reading copy) for years already.  It's a YA novel, about werewolves, and I really thought to myself, "I don't think so."  But after hearing a book review by a YouTube-r I follow, I gave it a shot.  And I can't wait to read Linger and Forever, the 2nd and 3rd in the trilogy!  It's a quick read, with appealing characters, a couple of werewolf-related plot twists I didn't see coming, and sure, it requires you step out of your "Yea, sure, this could never happen" box, but for crying out loud!  It's fiction!  Suspend belief! 

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