Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Sis' May 2013 Books

So I feel as if things are getting back to normal.  I read 6 books this month - not my best month, but certainly closer to par than recent months...

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald (Kindle edition) - I'm not going to bother summarizing the story; you've either read it or seen the recent movie (if not the original version).  What I will say is that I wasn't impressed.  I never had to read it in school, or perhaps I should say, if I was supposed to have read it in school, I never did.  The story?  Meh.  The style?  Yea, okay, I can dig it.  It was a very visual story, the images were bright and colorful and F. Scott's words really made you "see" the story.  Not one of my favorite classics, though...

Step Back from the Baggage Claim, Jason Barger - I bought this book after seeing it reviewed on a blog I read, but I'll be damned if I can remember who it was that arecommended it.  I bought it.  I put it on a shelf.  I never read it - until a couple of weeks ago.  I had run out of things to read, so I pulled it off the shelf and started to read.  The premise:  the author "spent seven straight days flying 6,548 miles to seven different cities living only in the airports the entire time. He studied 10,000 minutes of observations at all four corners of the U.S. and reflected on how our airport experiences can teach us about our lives TODAY."  It was a neat concept, neater in theory than in actuality, but his observations were sort of cool.  He talked about how we all RUSH off the plane, pushing and shoving, getting up before the door is even open, then RUN through the terminal, only to arrive at baggage claim and WAIT.  And wait some more.  Couldn't we have calmly and quietly deplaned and strolled through the airport and arrived just in time to pick up our suitcases as they moved past us on the conveyor belt?  That rush, that speed - we see it in other aspects of our life, don't we? This book, just in case you're wondering, had nothing to do with the movie The Terminal, with Tom Hanks.

Wind Chime Point, Sheryl Woods - Unemployed and pregant, Gabrielle Castle returns home.  Wade Johnson had fallen for her months before she got pregnant, but since she apparently had a boyfriend, nothing ever happened between them when she visited her grandmother.  But now she's home, possibly for good, with her life in termoil.  And things now DO happen between her and Wade.  They become friends, and Gabi learns that being friends is a great basis for more...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, J.K. Rowling (Kindle edition) - Another book I won't be summarizing here; if you don't recognize the HP series by now, crawl out from under your rock!  I'm just in the mood to read them again, so I am, this time on my Kindle.  I bought them all for my Kindle because they're books I can read again and again, and the 7 of them will most definitely give me something to read when I'm traveling and don't feel like carrying multiple books in my luggage.  HP3 is not my favorite, but I did enjoy it!

12th of Never, James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (Kindle edition) - I don't normally buy Kindle editions of James Patterson books, but I was craving something to read so I did!  This is the most recent of the Women's Murder Club series. Lindsay's beautiful baby girl is born, a woman dies, her corpse goes missing from the morgue, and then the baby gets extremely sick.  The whodunnit part wasn't a big mystery this time, but it was a good story.

Inferno, Dan Brown (Kindle edition) - I went out to buy this book and thought to myself, "I wonder if I bought this in Kindle format?"  So I checked, and sure enough, I had!  EXCELLENT book, as usual, Mr. Brown!  I kept picturing Tom Hanks in the story, which again takes place in Italy.  There were some other strong characters, a plot twist I didn't see coming (wow!), and the usual art and history lessons made so much more palatable by Dan's writing!  This one revolved around Dante's Inferno, in case you couldn't figure that out, and I learned so much about it - GREAT story!  And it will be a great movie, too!!!  I can't wait!

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  1. Read "The Great Gatsby" in high school, and sorry, Mrs. Kaufman, it didn't impress me then and I have no desire to re-read it.

    Do want to read "Inferno" as I've read the original. Can you lend it to me so I can read it on my Kindle? We'll have to coordinate it since I only get a few weeks of it on my Kindle and then it's back to you, and I have several NetGalley ARCs I'm trying to get finished. I just got Mom "The DaVinci Code" this winter, as she'd neither read it nor seen the movie, so she might want to borrow it on her Kindle, too.

    No comment on spending hours in airports. After spending 24 hours in Mexico City airport because Mexicana had gone bankrupt while I was in the field and I arrived in the airport after 6 months incommunicado to discover I had no way to get home... and many, many hours in the Hong Kong airport after the flight from Bangkok was overbooked and I was dumped and had to scramble to wait on lines to go on standby to HK and back to LA... well, I probably wasn't philosophical about it then and I doubt I would be now. But it does explain why I wanted my Kindle so desperately. Now I'm never without something to keep me busy when mass transit fails me.

    PS I always check my bags and stroll to pick them up. Those people rush-rush-rushing and so full of their own importance are usually still there, or on line for a taxi, and fuming. Why yes, I do have very low blood pressure, LOL.