Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Li'l Sis' April Read-So Far!

Tampa by Alissa Nutting

Whoa! Had to write about this one.  It takes "Hot for Teacher" to a whole new level.
As mentioned on Amazon, the lead character recounts her "seduction" of a 14-year old student. Yes, 14!!
To quote some adjectives on Amazon, as I do not want to give this away (it goes on sale 7/2)--she is "remorseless..Psycho-esque...monstrously misplaced..."
Now, I am 40-something, and can understand the attraction an older woman may have for a younger man....that is, a younger MAN, not a BOY!  This book is to me so controversial, bringing a new, horrific perspective to the world of fiction.  I've even told my contact that sent me the proof, I don't know how the author could have delved into this character and come out unscathed.  Not for the younger reader for sure!

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