Monday, April 1, 2013

Big Sis' March Books 2013

Well, two books.  That's it.  This whole "my husband is laid up and bored out of his skull" thing has really put a damper on my reading time...  I'm spending an awful lot of time entertaining him when I'm home.  He's not one for entertaining himself.  (PS:  That is something that should have been disclosed pre-marriage!  LOL!)

The Storyteller, Jodi Picoult - This wasn't what I expected, it was much more historical than previous books.  It takes place now, but flashes back to the Holocaust for a large part of the book.  Sage is a baker, and she works the night shift because she feels safer in the dark.  She was in a car accident that disfigured her face, and ultimately killed her mom.  She feels started at and noticed during the day, so she tends to work at night and only see a few people during the day.  The owner of the bakery is an ex-nun, which becomes important later in the book.  A bakery customer becomes friends with Sage and eventually asks her to help him die, in reparation, in part, for all he did as an SS officer during WWII.  Sage struggles with this request, which forces her to learn more about her grandmother's life as a survivor.  The ending was expected, with a twist...

True Love, Jude Deveraux (Kindle edition, via - So glad I didn't pay full price for the book, but it was certainly worth "free."  It takes place on Nantucket, with a recent architectural graduate falling for a famous architect who, it turns out, has strong ties to her mom and dad, ties she knows nothing about until much later in the book.  If you like ghost stories and love stories, it's okay.

Six Years, Harlan Coben - I'm 1/2 way through this book and will have my review in April...

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