Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Sis' Books - February 2013

Short month?  Short book list...

Night Magic, Karen Robards (Kindle edition) - Clara is a romance author, but that's all the romance in her life.  She lives with Puff, her cat.  Unfortunately Puff is also the code name of a rogue CIA agent who's being chased by the Russian mob.  I needed a little something to read, and for $2.99, this was the one I chose.  I'm a huge fan of Karen Robards, but this is one of her earlier ones and, well, it's not her best, but it was fun and certainly worth the cost!

Touch & Go, Lisa Gardner (Kindle edition) - The Denbes are the perfect family, or at least that's how it looks.  No one on the outside knows Justin and Libby aren't sharing a room anymore, and no one knows their marriage is shaky. They don't know their own daughter Ashlyn knows things aren't what they say they are.  All of a sudden the family is missing.  Kidnapped.  And eventually the ransom call comes in.  And eventually we find out all sorts of things about the Denbes, and about the kidnappers, and about Tessa Leoni, the private investigator hired by Justin's construction company to find the Denbes.

Alex Cross, Run, James Patterson - This was an AWESOME serial murderer story starring, as usual, Alex Cross.  I don't want to give away anything, but beautiful young women are being murdered, young men are being murdered.  Are they being murdered by the same person?  Who is doing it?  Do bodies in Florida have anything to do with the deaths in DC?

Proof of Heaven, Eben Alexander - Do you believe in heaven?  In life after death?  Dr. Alexander didn't.  At least not before he had a near-death-experience (NDE) of his own after he developed bacterial menengitis from an e coli infection.  He has made it his life's work to not only be the outstanding brain surgeon he was before the "episode," but he is now trying to show what he went through in an effort to help prove we don't just disappear after death.

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