Saturday, September 29, 2012

Little Sis' September Reads Oh yes ladies, you already know my secret goth tendencies and fondness of the more macabre. I read all 3 Gillian Flynn novels this month, but in reverse. First, I read Gone Girl. Being in the industry, I can't help but see this one compete with Fifty Shades, James Patterson, & Hunger Games for the top spots. So of course I had to read it. What, a husband murders his wife on their 5th wedding anniversary? Of course I'd like it. This author knows how to put the Dys in Dysfunctional. I finished thinking it makes my ex look like a cupcake -- well, not really, but almost. I did enjoy it, it also jumps from one character's view point in one chapter to another in the next, as many novels tend to do these days. This is a L.S. recommended read, but take note, this author is not for the squeamish or ultra conservative. Next, I read Dark Places--did her brother really kill her family? This one touches on relationships, Satanism, murder, lots of dark subjects. Up my alley. Lastly, I read Sharp Objects. Someone has murdered little girls, and the protagonist (a journalist) returns to her hometown to cover the story. Did I mention dysfunctional? Whew, Ozzie & Harriet would be appalled. I really gotta get writing. Too many things I'd like to do! Paint, write, Photoshop, groom, and no time for all! So now I've begun You Don't Want to Know by Lisa Jackson. I am not a romance fan, but this is a suspense novel about a woman & her missing toddler. Of course, it started off bragging how rich she was and what a mansion she lives in, wow. We can all relate, right? Oh, have a child, that I get. So we'll see how this one goes. Welcome October!


  1. Big Sis read the Flynn novels in the same order! We must be related!!! Review will be posted later today or tomorrow...

  2. Middle Sis had never even heard of this author or this series! LOL Yes, we are related, really. I can't handle these really dark mysteries, though, so I'll leave them to you two.