Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Canine Reflections

With the arrival of Golden Boy last year, I decided that the dogs needed new bowls, so I selected some nice, shiny, stainless steel bowls. The cats had and have stainless steel bowls, and the water is always cool, so I thought this might help keep the boys' water cool during this hot and humid summer better than the ceramic bowls the dogs had. I'm not sure abut that, as they drink far more than the cat does, but it does provide the human some fun.

Best part--their reflection in the bottom of the bowl through the water. I'm trying to get good photos of this, as Mr. Big in particular looks amazing, with all his furry whiteness and that black nose in the midst of it. Golden Boy has not as striking a reflection. I'll keep trying to get better photos.

Don't mind the dirty crocheted mat under the bowls. We've had our fourth rainy weekend in a row, which we desperately need, and which I guaranteed by mopping my floor Sunday afternoon. It started raining, literally, 15 minutes later.

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