Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Sis' March Read

Hello! I read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. There was a lot of hooplah about this book, and I got the trade from my favorite rep---and being tired of the new Koontz (yes, I said tired of the new Koontz) I started it. It did suck me into the world of contemporary witches, vampires & demons, and when it started to get too detailed and went on about alchemy or literature, it would turn around & pull me back in. I will read the new one (this was #1 of a trilogy), it comes out this summer.

Just one other criticism--totally couldn't relate. The characters don't work, are uber-educated, are super athletes, get places to live at Oxford & all they have to do is give a speech every 6 months or so. Money seems to be no object, no source of income is mentioned. The vampire of course has old money, is ubereducated & holds many degrees & vocations, so he is independently wealthy & probably gets paid just for getting up in the morning. Diana would get up in the morning, go rowing, go running, eat, then go do research at the library all day. Rough life!!!!

I envisioned Kate Hudson or Jennifer Lawrence playing Diana the lead, but I'm stumped on the tale, pale handsome vampire lead....?

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  1. Ralph Fiennes?

    Someone was just telling me, this past Saturday, that she was reading the non-fiction Koontz about his dog. Probably the only way you could get me to read a Koontz, chicken that I am...