Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little Sis' April Reads -- err, Read

This month I cast aside Dean Koontz' 77 Shadow Street (as did a colleague of mine!), due to its overzealous descriptions.  Halfway through the book and the same 5 minutes are still taking place (slight exaggeration). I've always loved Koontz, being a dedicated horror/suspense fan.  But alas, even I can get lost in the fast-approaching, all-enveloping ooze....
Following the Koontz debacle, I picked up Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.  I just finished it.  As Big Sis mentioned, it is categorized as "mommy porn," although the female lead is just finishing college--far from mommy-aged.  It is indeed full of sex, sex, and more sex, and very detailed sex at that.  It may find a place as a how-to guide for newlyweds, there were some minor parts men may find useful (and I don't mean the rough parts). Ana is totally swept up by the lead male, and yes, women can also be hormone-driven into a "relationship" of some kind.  I had heard it was steaming up bedrooms across the country, and I confess, I was a bit disappointed.  I didn't find it very erotic at all.  Perhaps, like the Koontz, too much detail is overkill?  I will probably read the second two books, but now I know what to expect. Will he let go of his demons?  I can understand sex for sex' sake, but not inflicting pain just for pain.  That's a no-no.  Yet, why did Ana hate the pain at the end an not the pain earlier in the book?  Is it like the doctor's office, where pain is measured by a variety of :-) faces and :-( faces?  Is it like drinking?  What's the difference between being a 2-martini drinker and a 6-martini drinker?  Is a glass of wine as much as bad as an all-night binge-fest?  The male lead sees a shrink, too, guess that doesn't say much for counseling.  Oh, and I'd like to know how Ms. James came to write this....!


  1. Well, two-thirds of the sisters may read this book, but I'm not. So far from my usual genres and not something I'm at all interested in. but how interesting that the two of you, who both like such different stuff, both disliked this book. Doesn't say much for it.

    Mommy porn? Hmm, I guess that's porn with some relationship angst and romance thrown in so that the mommies reading it aren't upset with themselves that they're reading porn. It has a relationship in it--therefore, it can't be porn.

  2. Can't say I disliked it, at least I didn't put it down like I did the Koontz. I disagreed with the characters. That says something, doesn't it? And there is something to be said for reaching outside our comfort zones! Sex has been around forever and will continue to be around forever. People will always think about it, talk about it, and even do it. Wish I'd written my book first ;o). This book made reading exciting at least, which is important!! I wonder what impact this will have, how mainstream will erotica become? And there's "Bedside Companion" coming out (unauthorized)! Sure to please certain couples out there!