Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Sis' March Reads 2012

This was a short month, and I'm blaming my Kindle. 

I read 5 books this month, 4 of them on my Kindle Fire.  And I didn't like it, and I'm thinking that's why I didn't read more...  Middle Sis and I disagree a bit on the value of a Kindle reader - I ABSOLUTELY want people to read and if they're going to read on an electronic reader, so be it.  I'm okay with that.  I rank it up there with Goosebumps books:  there are no real socially redeeming characteristics about the Kindle (or Goosebumps books), EXCEPT perhaps non-readers might read using their reader, and that is, of course, most definitely more redeeming than not.  I will be a Kindle reader while traveling, especially because if I finish a book, I can easily just buy another, without having to carry a spare or two in my carry-on, but I predict you're going to see a huge reduction in "Kindle" titles in my monthly reading lists over the next month or so...

Here are my books.

Playing for Keeps Novella Plus, by Cherry Adair (Kindle edition) - A short story about Danica and Jon, separated at the beginning of the story, but drawn back together when Danica's plane crashes and Jon finds that nothing is more important than his wife and he travels thousands of miles and risks life and limb to save her and bring her home.

Lone Wolf, by Jodi Picoult - This wasn't my favorite Picoult book, and I'm a huge fan.  I found it a bit hard going at the beginning, but admittedly, I got pulled into the story as it progressed.  Luke Warren is in an accident with his daughter and is seriously injured, to the point where the family has to decide whether to keep him alive or not.  We go back in time to learn about his life, to see what kind of father and husband he was, and we find that his wolf studies seemed to consume him, to the point, perhaps, that they meant more to him than his family.  His daughter lived with him for many years, and never felt unloved or neglected, but rather, she was drawn to the wolves, too, helping Luke around the compound.  Cara's brother Edward comes home and finds himself on the opposite side of the "pull the plug" fence from Cara.   This drama, the eventual confrontation between brother and sister is the primary storyline, but we also read about stepfamilies, estrangement, obsession, and love, to say nothing of right vs. wrong.

Out of Control, by Shannon McKenna (Kindle edition) - The third in the series about 4 brothers, Davy McCloud meets Margo Vetter and it's all over.  Margo isn't really Margot but Davy doesn't find that out for a long time, and unfortunately I really didn't like Margot's character.  That made the book not very enjoyable, so while I read it all just because it was #4 and I'd read numbers 1 through 3, I really didn't enjoy it.  I don't know which came first in the series so perhaps this was just an earlier book, because I did like one or two of the other four...

Fifty Shades of Gray, by E.L. James (Kindle edition) - Two words:  mommy porn.  The Good Morning America story indicated it was spreading like wildfire and women everywhere were reading this book and it was a trilogy and they were just being SUCKED into the series...  So I thought I'd give it a shot.  It is most definitely erotica, mommy or not, and while I have no objections to strong, explicit sex scenes, it's REALLY hard for me to read this series because it starts as a dominant/submissive scenario and ends (I predict) with hubby learning he doesn't need these extreme sex games and that a real emotional relationship is better.  Yea, everyone grows emotionally, but really?  She's 22 and decides to be submissive, finds she can't be, and struggles with her "relationship" with this 27-year-old who admits to being "fifty shades of f'd up"???  I don't like Ana, the main female character even though I'm supposed to, even though she falls in "love" with this tortured man and decides to stay with him, even though he eventually realizes he can have a loving relationship, that he doesn't "need" the dominance...  Yucky is all I have to say - I'd rather read some Penthouse letters.  [I am almost done with the 3rd one and for future reviews, I plan on referring to "see March 2012.]

Edge of Midnight, by Shannon McKenna (Kindle edition) - Sean McCloud winds up rescuing Liv Endicott and this was probably my favorite 'cause she owned a bookstore.  Some creepy characters abound and this was an okay story.  Another in the series, boy knew girl, boy and girl are separated by circumstances for years, they run into each other again, and realize that they're meant to be despite what separated them...

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