Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big Sis' February Reads 2012

Red Mist, Patricia Cornwell - The book released a while ago, but I started to read it and just couldn't get into the story.  So I left it alone for a while.  Finally had nothing left to read and decided to finish it, and I'm glad I did.  Kay Scarpetta travels to the Georgia Prison for Women, where she meets with an inmate who has apparent information about the death of Scarpetta's former assistant, now deceased.  It turns out his death is related to other deaths, his lover is involved in some serial killings, her daughter is a killer, too...  After the first few chapters, it was back to Cornwell's usual good story.

Catch Me, Lisa Gardner (Kindle edition) - I'm giving it a shot...  D.D. Warren is approached at a crime scene by a young woman predicting her own death in 4 days.  Her two best friends were murdered, a year apart, on the same day, and that day is rapidly approaching.  D.D. is sucked into the mystery, we read about if from two perspectives, and while it's not my favorite Gardner book, it's okay.  It's hard for me to separate not liking the e-book experience from the not-up-to-par story...  I am wondering if reading it on the Kindle made me like the story less than if I'd read it in print format...

Standing in the Shadows, Shannon McKenna (Kindle edition) - This is the 1st of 3 or 4 Kindle books I bought for the whopping price of, I think, $1.99 each.  Cheap or free, that's the way I'm testing the waters of e-books, for the most part...  This was good.  I never heard of the author before, but I liked the story of how Connor (one of the four brothers who star in this series of books) always loved Erin, but she was unreachable since he was responsible for her father's arrest.  But when someone's out to get her, Connor comes to the rescue, even though she doesn't want him around.  Good chemistry between the two, a pretty good story, and lots of hot romance!

Sleepwalker, Karen Robards - This one took a bit of time for me to get into; I wasn't caring too much for the characters until much later in the story.  Ms. Robards usually gets me hooked in chapter 1, but this one took a bit longer...  Micayla is alone in Uncle Nikko's mansion, tries to arrest a robber she catches red-handed, finds out her "Uncle" is a criminal, and goes on the run with said robber, eventually falling for him, fighting the attraction, of course.  She solves her mother's death, which happened years ago, but a twist at the end has her doubting her own father and thinking of how he might have been responsible...  As always, liked the relationship between the main characters; I just wish I'd liked Micayla more, earlier in the story...

Heaven Is for Real, Todd Burpo - A young 4-year old boy meets Jesus during a health crisis, but doesn't mention it to his minister dad until months later.  This is the true story of Colton Burpo, who had an emergency appendectomy, went to heaven, met Jesus and God and his own grandfather, and has spent years telling his parents what happened.  So heartwarming, so easy to read:  read it in one sitting!  I passed it along to my mom, who ALSO read it in one sitting!  Lovely story!  (Thanks to my SIL for giving it to me to read!)

Private Games, James Patterson and Mark Sullivan - The Olympic Games are in London in 2012, and Private, an investigation firm from the US and "star" of several Patterson books, is hired to provide security.  They find themselves on the lookout for a murderer killing high-profile members of the Olympic committee, athletes, etc.  GREAT story!  Loved the ending!

Gideon's Corpse, Preston & Child - Gideon Crew is called on to try to talk down a crazed gunman who worked with him in the lab in NM or AZ...  He can't, the man dies, and Gideon is caught up in Armageddon-to-be...  This is the 2nd story about Gideon Crew, I believe, and I'm hoping for several more...

Fade to Midnight, Shannon McKenna (Kindle edition) - This is the story of Kev Larsen, the next brother of the four in that series I mentioned above.  But Kev doesn't know he's a brother; he's suffered an extreme mental breakdown after he was tortured as a child, and when he finally meets Edie, who through a WILD coincidence, was also exposed to that same nutcase as a child, they track down the bad guys, solve the mystery of Kev's past, get him reaquainted with his brothers, and fall in love.  Another good story with lots of hot sex...  a bit too weird for my taste, when it comes to two other main characters and their sexual relationship, but a fun read anyway.

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