Friday, February 10, 2012

DoodleBug Goes to Work

DoodleBug began his work at the local community hospital today, after getting the approval of the program coordinator. His first official stop was with her in Labor and Delivery, although we'd walked through the hospital and stopped in the surgery waiting lounge on our way to her office. He got his photo taken for his very own badge, but will be reusing his predecessor, K the Magnificent's, hospital vest. He enjoyed himself tremendously, and I think will settle down very quickly into the routine. He is quite the charmer.


  1. How exciting for D!!! And for you, too! I know you got a lot out of that volunteer work and I was sad that it was sort of on hold pending his training...

  2. We went back Sunday during the Quiet Time hours specifically so that he could map the hospital a bit more in his brain, and begin to figure out what's expected of him. He and I will be manning the Delta Society/Pet partners booth at the Autism Walk on the university on April 1, and this weekend a Rescue a Golden Meet and Greet at Bookman's. He'll enjoy them all.