Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's January 17th...

... and no one has posted here since January 6th.

So I'm taking it upon myself to post.  Something.  Anything.

How about this?

3191 Miles Apart

Here's the newest project from Stephanie and MAV.  I bought their book for each of us, and I'm hoping we can do something similar at least once a month, or perhaps if we can just all take and post more photos on this here blog...  Perhaps no theme is a good theme - just take 'em and post 'em people.  Forget the once a month thing - let's just take photos and post them, snapshots into our busy lives, bits and pieces of what's going on around us...

I haven't been carrying my camera around, what with the arrival of my new iPhone, so I'll have to make a concerted effort to upload the photos I do take onto my laptop once a week (?) and post something here...  Heck, I'd be happy with once every two weeks!!!

Let's try?  I'm shooting for later this week...  Hey, I bet I can post from my phone...

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  1. Glad to see ya! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in here.