Friday, January 6, 2012

Dog Prints

Well, DoodleBug and Mr. Big were wrestling the other morning, leaping into the air and ramming into each other, chasing each other around the backyard, then leaping into each others chests again. Mr. Big has not relaxed enough to trust flopping onto the ground, stomach up, like he did when he wrestled with our Pupgirl, but this horsing around is exactly what I hoped would happen, and which so often doesn't when you add an insane 2.5-year-old puppy-in-an-adult-dog-body to a home with a 12-year-old. So I don't mind coming home to the evidence of exactly what they have done while I was at work: snoozing in one spot. See the big piles of dried mud that have fallen off them?

Dog-body-sized dirt prints.

What's a little dirt between friends?

Mud packs are good for dogs, too.

Just because I love her.

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