Saturday, November 5, 2011

Big Sis' October Reads 2011

Hey, I had to mark this 2011 'cause I had an October Reads blog post LAST year!  That was a fast year!!!

This  month was nothing but entertainment.  I learned nothing from my reading, I didn't come to any great epiphanies based on the books I chose...  pure entertainment!  Loved it!!!  Here we go...

Heat Rises, by Richard Castle - The third book in a series of books NOT written by Nathan Fillion, I enjoyed this one immensely.  Nikki faces down a crooked contractor, a series of hit men, and a notorious drug lord, all with great style and ease (I hear music in my head...  LOL!).  I've converted TWO people that I know of into Castle fans, and they're reading the books, too!  I send my copies to Suzanne in AZ (hi, Suzanne!) and she enjoys them as much as I do!

Miracle Cure, by Harlan Coben - There's nothing new, right?  This is a rereleased book, originally written in 1991, it's the story of doctors searching for a cure for AIDS, prior to it becoming such a widespread epidemic.  He addresses the early views that it was a homosexual disease only, and comes up with a nice way to bring the danger of heterosexual AIDS transmission to the forefront of the story, if one can call anything about that disease "nice."  Coben wraps up the story easily, and I enjoyed a glimpse into his early writing.

Bonnie, by Iris Johansen - Eve found her daughter, Bonnie.  She had been kidnapped and apparently murdered many years before, and Eve has been searching for her all along, and that search was the basis for novel after novel.  I'm so happy it was resolved but I truly hope Bonnie continues to appear to Eve in future stories.  I love these characters and I'd hate to have this end their crime-solving just 'cause they found Bonnie.

The Christmas Wedding, by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo - This is another of his non-Alex Cross novels, very different from his usual crime fair.  Gaby is getting married, to one of the three men who asked her.  And she invites her children all back to the family home to see her get married on Christmas Day but she doesn't tell them who the lucky groom is.  In fact, the groom doesn't know himself!  Patterson brings each of the kids home, complete with their own personal baggage, and of course, since this is a wedding story, it all gets solved, neatly and tidily, but not disappointingly, by the time the wedding rolls around.  This was a lovely, innocent, quick, fun read.

Hometown Girl, by Mariah Stewart - Another in The Chesapeake Diaries series, Brooke comes home to build a new life for herself and for her child, after her husband is killed in Iraq.  She has no intention of falling in love, but of course, she becomes friends with Jesse and does.  Fall in love, that is!  This is another book written purely for enjoyment, a lovely innocent love story.

Only His, by Susan Mallery - Nevada is one of triplet sisters, the only one not engaged and getting married.  We can't have that, can we?!?  Of course she meets up with an ex-flame (NOT) and they wind up together again.  She's a fun character, a strong woman in a man's career, and this was a fun story.  Don't worry - there are three weddings by the end of the book!

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