Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Knew If I Waited Long Enough....

The one advantage that the Barnes and Noble Nook had over the Amazon Kindle was the ability to borrow books from the library. However, when I decided I wanted a e-reader last year, I knew that I'd never buy a Nook (I'm still loyal to you, Frankie and the PW). I also knew that Amazon would eventually enable library lending, and when they did, it would be fabulous.

And it's here! And it is! I borrowed my first book last week--an older Elizabeth Peters (my copy is in Mom's house somewhere). I put an Sidney Sheldon on reserve for La Madre, since I bought her one earlier this year for her Kindle that she enjoyed.

So one of you will have to do us an enormous favor and load it on her Kindle when it arrives. Since we have the K2, our model doesn't have WiFi like the current models, which it needs to download automatically; we have to use our USB ports. A small price to pay for having just doubled the books available for us.


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