Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Sis' September Reads

I know, September isn't really over until tomorrow, but I'm working from home today and have a few moments, so I thought I'd get a head start on this post...  At least THIS month's won't be late!!!

Always Something There to Remind Me, by Beth Harbison - We all have a first love, that man (or boy! or significant other!) who, 10 or 20 years later, even though you've moved on and married and wouldn't trade your husband in for anyone, can still make your heart just go pitty-pat...  Well, Nate is Erin's first love, and all of a sudden, while she's involved with Mr. Apparently Right, he appears in her life again.  Beth does a good job of making us "feel" what Erin is feeling, and the resolution, Mr. Now vs. Mr. Then...  I like it.

Kill Me If You Can, by James Patterson and Marshall Karp - What would you do if you found a bag full of diamonds, no one knows you have them, and you could travel the world, sell a few of them in Amsterdam, and live forever on the money?  Regardless of your answer, this book has a tremendous twist and a surprise ending!

1105 Yakima Street, by Debbie Macomber - Another in the Cedar Cove series...  Jolene is Bruce's daughter, and she and Rachel became close friends.  Jolene needed a woman in her life, and Rachel was happy to be involved.  Then Rachel and Bruce fell in love, got married and got pregnant, and Jolene is 100% opposed to this version of their family.  I'm happy that there's a happy ending, and I liked this story...

Decision Points, by George W. Bush - This was a great read!  I learned a lot.  Of course it was great to hear his side of 9/11, but what I found more interesting, almost, was how important the interpersonal relationships between his staff and employees was to him.  I already knew how important his family is to him, how patriotic he is...  But the background to choosing a Supreme Court justice?  Choosing a running mate?  A Defense Secretary?  A Secretary of State?  Fascinating!

In Good Hands, by Kathy Lyons - Back in the day, when I worked at The Printed Word Bookstore, we got paid every Wednesday.  And I bought all 6 new Harlequin romances once a month, in several of the series.  Harlequin Blaze is a current series, and it's got a lot more sex in it than the old innocent romances did!  This one includes some hospital politics, holistic healing, and a high-powered businessman - and some good old-fashioned sex! 

In the Line of Fire, by Jennifer LaBrecque - Girl next door is getting married, boy next door is stationed overseas, in the line of fire.  Her brother is supposed to come home to give her away, but can't so he sends boy next door in his place (they happen to be best friends).  Girl next door decides, at the last minute, NOT to marry her fiance and escapes out the church window.  Boy next door helps her escape and eventually they find each other.  Predictable, but I've always loved this formula...

Bossypants, by Tina Fey - Not really a fan, but it was a fun read.  She herself is a funny lady, and I enjoyed her twist on telling the story of her life.  I wasn't all that interested in the 30 Rock or SNL stuff, since I don't watch either, but since I read a friend's copy and didn't spend a dime on it, it was a good book.

Lethal, by Sandra Brown - Honor and her daughter come face to face with an apparent felon, and even after witnessing a murder, they opt to run with him, and eventually they solve the mystery of the factory murders, they find out who's who, and they all learn a lot about themselves.  I "know" how it ends, but I must say I would have preferred it to get wrapped up a bit more prettily, with a nice pink bow...  There's nothing missing, but I like the whole "and they lived happily ever after" thing...

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