Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Sis' August Books

The Ideal Man, by Julie Garwood - I like Ms. Garwood's contemporary books and this was a good one.  Dr. Ellie Sullivan witnesses a crime and needs protection from the bad guys, the Landrys.  Enter Max Daniels, FBI man extraordinaire!  I like the interaction between the two of them; sparks fly and of course, they get together eventually, but it's not a sappy ending...

A Stolen Life, by Jaycee Dugard - I watched the special on World News Tonight, where Diane Sawyer interviewed Jaycee.  I admit to thinking, "Okay, she was 11.  But really, when she HAD a chance to look up her mom on the internet, or escape when they were out in public, she didn't?!?"  But her book really makes you understand the sense of safety she felt even though she was kidnapped and raped and forced to live in a single room in the backyard of those two nutcases.  She explains why safety for her and her daughter(s) became more important than escaping to find the mom who might not even remember her...  Of course, we know Mom never gave up and my heart leapt when they were reunited.  Jaycee explains about the therapy she's going through, and will continue to go through.  She admits that she doesn't know if a relationship with a man is in her future but she seems content and happy to be mom and daughter and self for now.

Cold Vengeance, by Preston & Child - Another Pendergast novel, and in this one, we locate Helen!!!  Without giving anything away, I do think you should read these in order, otherwise this one will make no sense whatsoever!

Finding It, by Valerie Bertinelli - I bought this book when it came out but never bothered to read it.  And I didn't read Losing It yet, but I will.  She's an actress I've always liked and reading this book, well it felt as though you were just sitting over a cup of coffee with an old friend.  She talks about losing the weight, enough to appear on a WW commercial in only a bikini.  We get to know Tom, and her love for her son and ex-husband really comes across.  It's nice that they're still friends, able to co-parent as a team.

Shoe Addicts Anonymous, by Beth Harbison - Toni introduced me to this series and I LOVE it!  It's a quick read, a bit of mystery thrown in but the best part is meeting the women and making friends with them as they make friends with each other!

Secrets of a Shoe Addict, by Beth Harbison - #2 in the series, we meet sisters and new friends, we watch them make stupid decisions and work their way out of the consequences, eventually to become friends forever...

Thin, Rich, Pretty, by Beth Harbison - Although not part of the Shoe series, it's fun, too.  Holly and Nicola meet at camp at about age 12, go through all the angst of not being thin enough, pretty enough or rich enough.  Twenty years later, they're still friends, going through their own adult issues.  Holly runs into Lexi, one of the thin, rich and pretty girls at camp, whose life now is not so wonderful.  It's sort of fun how they meet up again, what they do to resolve 20-year-old issues, and even though the 80s nostalgia is almost better than the storyline, I liked it a lot...

Never Tell a Lie, by Hallie Ephron - Saw this recommended on a blog I read and thought, for $10 from Amazon, I'll try it...  and it was pretty good!  Melinda is last seen at Ivy's garage sale, and we find out later that she's not all there.  Melinda, that is...  It turns out she's a bit unstable, and eventually, when we find out where she's been, well it was a creepy stalker mystery and I liked it!

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