Friday, July 1, 2011

Big Sis' June Books

I think this is the first time I've ever posted my book list first!  Yay, me!

Committed, by Elizabeth Gilbert - Gilbert is the author of Eat, Pray, Love.  This book is about marriage, love and marriage in every different configuration that exists around the world.  The love and relationship and marriage she had with her first husband, how she found the same but different with Felipe, everything they had to go through to be together.  It was an interesting read.  I got a lot of good quotes for my collection.

The Girl Who Disappeared Twice, by Andrea Kane - I met the author years ago, and in fact, had lunch with her when I worked for that NJ book distributor...  After I read this book I sent the author a note and she kindly replied that "of COURSE she remembers me..."  Nice woman, but Andrea, really?  I'm thinking your mama raised you right...  This is the start of a new series about a group of unconventional operatives who work together for "Forensic Instincts."  They are hired to find Krissy and the story was good and the character development was good and I'm already waiting for book #2!

You Belong to Me, by Karen Rose - Karen is a Facebook "friend" so I knew this one was coming and I couldn't wait!  She writes such great thrillers - lots of excitement and crime and drama.  Lucy thinks her close friend is murdered, and although happily he's not, it turns out that the murderer is out to demand Lucy's attention and what better way than to kill people with a connection of some kind to Lucy?

Trader of Secrets, by Steve Martini - In this Paul Madriani novel, a Mexican hit man known as Liquida threatens his daughter Sarah and needless to say, NO ONE threatens his daughter!  Paul and his cohorts travel to Asia and then to France to solve this one, but eventually have to rush home for another thrilling ending!!!

Beach Lane, by Sherryl Woods - Another in the Chesapeake Cove series, a light romance that's pure entertainment, no lessons to be learned, no deep meaning...  Susie and Mack are friends, just friends, friends who spend every possible second together, friends who everyone knows are lovers-to-be...  Now they just have to be convinced...

[edited to include...]  Oops, forgot a book...

Two Kisses for Maddy, by Matthew Logelin - Matt is the author of a blog named matt, liz and madeline, dedicated to his daughter Maddy and his late wife Liz.  Liz died within 24 hours of the birth of their daughter, after a pregnancy that wasn't the easiest...  Matt was forced to step up and be mother AND father to his baby girl, and he freely admits he wasn't the responsible one in the family!  He's a terrific author; his blog is one of my favorites.  He's also set up a non-profit foundation in Liz's name, "giving hope to widows and widowers with young familes..."

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