Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big Sis' May Books

Moonlight Cove, by Sherryl Woods - SW is an author I used to read years ago, back in my Harlequin Romance days.  I liked her then for a quick and romantic read (those of us who didn't, used to read about it!), and I like her still, with an obviously more modern twist to her characters and her writing style.  This is one of her Chesapeake Shores series, and the first one I've read.  I'll find the others and read them, too.  This one is about Jess and Will.  She's fighting her ADD and he's an old family friend who grew up to be a psychologist but he's loved her forever.  Jess has a hard time accepting that he's not just trying to "fix" her.  Soon she learns that he truly loves her and once she takes a chance on love, well, there's your happily ever after Harlequin ending!

Driftwood Cottage, by Sherryl Woods - Here you go, book #2.  Heather loves Connor.  Heather and Connor have a baby.  Heather decides she wants to get married.  Connor will never get married.  Heather leaves Connor with the baby and moves to - wait for it! - Connor's hometown, where she's welcomed with open arms by his entire extended family.  Eventually Connor realizes love IS enough to overcome his lack of faith in the tradition of marriage, and he has to win Heather back.  Spoiler alert:  there IS a happy ending...

The Shadow of Your Smile, by Mary Higgins Clark - I used to like her books, but haven't read them in several years.  This was the wrong one to choose.  It was in paperback and I thought it would be a quick read during my work trip to Florida.  It was quick, yes, but not very good, in my personal opinion.  The story was disjointed and just didn't seem to "flow."  I liked the premise:  Sr. Catherine is up for sainthood.  But someone knows she had a baby pre-sisterhood, and that baby stands to inherit her grandfather's fortune.  We meet said baby when she's a 31-year-old pediatrician who's called to testify on the miraculous healing of one of her patients, supposedly thanks to her grandmother, the grandmother she never knew about who just happens to be the nun to whom the family prayed for their son's healing.

The Knitting Diaries, by Debbie Macomber, et al - That's strange...  This is a 3-story anthology but when I went to to refresh my memory of the charater's names, 2 of the stories seem so completely foreign - I have no memory of them!  I clearly remember the first short story, where 10-year-old Ellen wants nothing more than for her adopted mom and her real dad to get together.  I'm going to pull this book out of my stash and see if I even ever finished it...  Although I wouldn't have had another title on my list if I didn't, but...

Chasing Fire, by Nora Roberts - I used to be a huge fan until I read an unedited manuscript and realized how very much this author relies on her editor for correcting grammatical and spelling and story errors.  But I gave her a shot and this was a pretty good story.  Dad is a retired fire jumper and finds love when he takes a principal her first buddy sky dive.  His daughter is another fire jumper who finds good sex and then love with a colleague, which goes against her personal morals so that's a struggle.  In the meantime they are both solving a couple of not-so-random murders and she is coming to terms with the loss of one of her colleagues in a fire the previous season.

10th Anniversary, by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro - This is another in the Women's Murder Club series, and it's a good one.  Lindsay Boxer forgets to call home to her newlywed husband when she's out solving a crime in chapter one.  Oops.  Yuki has found love with Jackson Brady, who just happens to be Lindsay's new and not-so-beloved boss.  Oh, and he's married, too.  While looking for the missing baby, Lindsay notices her biological clock is ticking a bit more loudly than before, so there's something else to distract her...

A Turn in the Road, by Debbie Macomber - When 70- or 80-year-old ex-mom-in-law announces she's driving cross-country on her own to attend a high school reunion, her ex-daughter-in-law decides to go along for the ride, as does her recently jilted young daughter.  Just to mix it up a bit, the car breaks down, DIL meets a biker with whom she fights a strong attraction, grandma admits she wants to apologize to her ex-high-school love for leaving him for another, and granddaughter's ex calls from Europe to say he's wrong, he shouldn't have left...  And just so it's not all too easy to wrap up, DIL's ex-husband has decided after several years that he was wrong to have left his wife and daughter for Tiffany and he's now divorced and wants to find his way back to his family.  This is my kind of book:  THREE happy endings!!!

Closer Than Blood, by Gregg Olsen - Now THIS is one I'm glad I picked up!  I'm going to go and see if I can find some of his other books.   I read through this whole thriller, about a murder, a previous murder no one knew was a murder, another murder no one knew was related to the first, and then there was a surprise twist that I NEVER saw coming!!!  LOVED it! 

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