Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Sis' April 2011 Reads

Yes, I know these are late, but I have a valid excuse - I was sunning myself at the pool at in Cabo San Lucas...  I think that's a pretty valid excuse in itself, vacation sans computer...  But THEN I went to Sarasota, FL, to attend my first publisher sales conference, and it was exactly what I expected.  More on that at my blog, when I have time to catch up...

A Heartbeat Away, by Michael Palmer - LOVED it!  Palmer's usual suspense thriller, with some terrorists and some unidentifiable and fatal pathogens tossed in for good measure!

Night Road, by Kristin Hannah - I usually read her books, and I usually like every other one, but surprisingly I loved this one!  Three children grow up together, 1 from the wrong side of the tracks and the other 2 quite privileged enough.  But of course, money isn't everything.  Lexi and Zack fall in love, but love isn't everything either.  A tragedy splits them apart, tears the family and friends apart and it takes years to put it all back together again.

The Fifth Witness, by Michael Connelly - Another Mickey Haller story, the star of the recent movie, "Lincoln Lawyer."  Foreclosures and murders and criminal courts, oh my!  Very timely, and fun to read.  I really liked the twisted ending!

Eve, by Iris Johansen - I'd hoped we would finally find Bonnie, but of course that would be the end of the series.  But we do meet her dad, and Catherine Ling returns as a regular character.  The emotional cliffhanger was great - this one didn't disappoint!  (Even though Bonnie is still missing!)

Hush, by Cherry Adair - A new series, introducing a new cast of characters.  While Zac and Acadia push their way through the Venezuelan jungle to find his brother, they clash with each other AND with the brutal kidnappers!  Can't wait for Gideon's story!

Save Me, by Lisa Scottoline - Another author who just isn't consistent, in my book, but this one was great!  Read it on the plane home from Mexico...  If you had to choose, who would you save?  Your daughter, who's somewhere in the school, or the two girls in your immediate care, in the cafeteria, immediately after the explosion?  Would you take them out and return for your daughter?  Or would you leave them to fend for themselves and look for your daughter, possibly leaving them to die?  Tough decision, isn't it?!?  Rose makes her choice, and finds that neither her choice nor the alternative were right!

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