Monday, April 25, 2011

Photo Challenge 3: Purple!

I had no idea how much purple was around me when I started looking for it for this photo challenge. It holds up well in the desert sunshine, and provides a nice contrast to the eye, but the light washes it out and makes it impossible to photo with my point and shot camera. Purple is commonly used as an accent color on buildings, both residential and commercial. Perhaps that's because few of the native flowers are purple, and so it adds to the color palate. You'll just have to trust me that these are purple in real life.
 My neighbor's iron gate.
Opuntia englemanii, I think--let me check that. It is an Opuntia cactus, and there is one variant that turns deep purple if we get freezing winter temperatures. We had that very deep freeze several nights running this winter. so purple cacti abound everywhere right now.
 My neighbor's purple mailbox on an ocotillo post.
 Another neighbor's purple wooden door. I love this house. The stuccoed wall is a lovely faded pink, and the turquoise and blue door just pop out.
A favorite blouse of mine (turn your head; another photo uploaded sideways). I love the ribbon detail, and the purple is very rich.
 The building that used to be the day care at the university where I teach, and is now a student center. Believe me, it's purple.
 More flowers!
 One of my Guatemalan textiles. This covers my filing cabinets in my office.
 Okay, purple is everywhere, even my post-it notes (insert registered trademark symbol here).
And last but not least, purple Easter M&Ms.

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  1. Saving this purple post for my return from Mexico and Florida - missed a couple of purple opportunities at Home Depot this weekend - they had beaucoups purple flowers...
    Will make this my current mission in life (as it should have been these past couple of weeks...)...