Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Sis' January Reads

It was a light month - only three books.  The funny part is I don't really know what it is I did instead of read.  Sure, hubby painted the hallway and the living room and my share of that work was decluttering and then reorganizing both spaces.  Yes, I did go to a funeral which, with the repast, took almost an entire day.  We didn't spend whole weekends at the lake so it's not like I was scrapping instead of reading...  Oh, well, FYI, February isn't looking to break any records either...

Secrets to the Grave, Tami Hoag - I LOVE Tami Hoag.  She's one of only two authors to whom I've written a fan letter...  The twist to this book is it takes place over 20 years ago, before the days of DNA testing and CSI-like crime-solving, although the main characters are waiting for the day that DNA will help prove who the killer is...  We have a few repeat characters: Vince Leone and Anne are now married and it's nice to see him in love with Anne, but he's still suffering from that bullet in his head...  There are a couple of characters that really are quite off-putting - the child who is institutionalized but gets out to kill Anne, just to pique your curiosity...

What the Night Knows, Dean Koontz - This ghost story has a horrible twist:  can the murderer of John Calvino's entire family come back from the dead to murder his wife and children???  John thinks so.  And while I was reading this book, I was convinced.  Leave it to Dean Koontz to scare the bejeezus out of me AGAIN!

Sing You Home, Jodi Picoult - Back in the day I used to have publishing connections and I would get books in galley format WAY before pub-date.  Now I have to rely on the kindess of strangers - and it's not even their kindness to me, but whether or not they are being nice to Little Sis!!!  She's still in contact with multiple publishers and stands a chance to score some ARCs (advance reading copies).  Me?  Not anymore.  I work for a single publisher, and I love my job and my employer, but I DO miss that perk...  Sing You Home isn't due out until March 1 so I did manage to read this one ahead of time.  Ms. Picoult can certainly weave a tale that draws you in, and this was no different.  I didn't like it too much at first, I didn't feel as though the characters were enough.  But midway through the book I realized I was loving them both, Vanessa and Zoe.  And I wasn't liking ex-hubby Max at all.  I felt he turned into a weak man, a weak man who fell prey to a cult-like born-again sect...  Not that I have anything against born-again Christians, mind you - but in the story you felt it was less about their faith and more about their leader/minister...  Even though the book ended, ultimately, the way I wanted it to, it almost seemed too easy by the last couple of pages.  It could have used a little more soul-searching on Max's part, a little more about his epiphany...  But all in all, a great read, as usual, from Ms. Picoult!

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