Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Sis' November Reads - Really Late!

So I finally found my list...  Here you go...

Chasing the Night (Iris Johansen) - One of Iris Johansen's usual thrillers.  I liked this one because for some reason, I liked Catherine Ling; even though it's an Eve Duncan book, Catherine and her search for her long lost son was the basis of the story.  As always, I hoped Bonnie would visit, and as much as I LOVE this series of books, I REALLY want Eve to find Bonnie...

Call Me Mrs. Miracle (Debbie Macomber) - A short Christmas story, in gift book format.  It should be turned into a made-for-TV Christmas movie, just like Miracle on 34th Street, etc.  Holly needs a miracle to find that certain special Christmas toy for her nephew Gabe, and Mrs. Miracle and Jake come to the rescue.

Back Spin (Harlan Coben) - As always, I love reading about local spots here in NJ!  And this backlist title that I missed during my first go-round with reading every Coben title I could get my hands on truly delivered!  Some of this took place on Philadelphia's Main Line...  And it had a great ending, too - I really liked this one!

You'll Lose the Baby Weight (Dawn Meehan) - A non-fiction book written by a mommy-blogger I read religiously - she's SO darn funny!  Although I must admit I like her blog better than I liked this book.  Although I haven't birthed no babies from my loins, so it doesn't apply personally, I liked some of her descriptions and laughed out loud in a few part, too!  Plus she's personally going through a tough time right now, divorced mom of 6 with an ex who's chosen to be out of the picture...  I figured she could use the royalty payment!

The Confession (John Grisham) - This one seems like a return to Grisham's guaranteed courtroom thriller format, and I loved it!  Regardless of where you stand on the issue of capital punishment, this book was a great read!  My politics have changed as I got older, but I didn't find this one too heavily weighted to one view or the other.  Of course if you know anything about Grisham, you know where he stands on certain issues, and he's entitled to write a book from any side he chooses.  This was a good one!  Donte was in prison for a murder he didn't commit and there's all sorts of scrambling going on at the last minute.  Will they get the governor to issue a stay?  Will they save Donte?  Will you like the ending or not?  Read it and find out!

Play Dead (Harlan Coben) - Coben's 1st novel, and another backlist title I missed until last month!  A good story, but you can definitely see that Coben's gotten better as he continues - this one was a good read, and I was not disappointed but either it was a bit disjointed at times or I was not reading with 100% concentration.  I found myself thinking "?" a few times, but all in all, I'd recommend it!

Crossfire (James Patterson) - Kyle Craig returns!!!  And Alex Cross is on the way to getting married!!!  Will Kyle stop that with another murder?  How did he escape?  Will he get caught again or will he escape and return in another book?  Who murdered those corrupt DC citizens?  Was the murderer really a murderer, or a vigilante?

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  1. Mrs Miracle was made into a movie--Mom and I watched it on the Hallmark channel this past December. Doris Roberts was Mrs. Miracle.

    I remember giving you the link to the Because I Said So blog years ago when it was posted on my crochet forum (the baby was a baby then, look how time flies as I get older). I read it a little bit, but then stopped (for no apparent reason, apparently), so didn't realize that she was now divorced.