Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Sis' December Reads - only one month late!

December was not a month, apparently, where I read very much.  I was a bit busy decorating, shopping, and vacationing...  And I didn't read very much during vacation either, and I'm really not sure why...  Perhaps because I got sick and started coughing up part of a lung???

Edge (Jeffery Deaver) - Oh, I hope Corte is a character who returns in future novels!  I liked him, and I liked how the author made us think we knew everything about him until the last page, when we discovered we were missing a WHOLE LOT of Corte!  He's with the Strategic Protection Department, one of those government agencies who don't exist on paper, and he's usually called in to protect and guard high-profile targets.  I guess he'd be the first step before the Witness Protection Program...  He is called in to guard a cop and his family from a worthy enemy, Henry Loving, who we find out killed Corte's mentor years before.

Rescue (Anita Shreve) - I love her books, and this one was no disappointment, but I will say it's probably my least favorite.  Peter Webster falls in love, has a baby, his wife leaves, he raises his daughter all alone, and then in an ironic twist of fate, he goes looking for his ex to save his daughter from making the same mistakes her mother did so many years ago.  Good story, but it wasn't one I "just couldn't put down."

Unbearable Lightness (Portia DeRossi) - Non-fiction from one of the actresses who made it big on Ally McBeal all those many years ago, a TV show I never watched but was a popular favorite with millions of viewers.  Portia is now married to Ellen Degeneris, and apparently the happiest she's ever been.  This is the story of her anorexia, and her denial that she was suffering from anything more than dieting to be a thin actress/model.  She really explains her thinking and rationale so well; it makes it a bit easier to understand where people suffering from this terrible disease are coming from and what they are experiencing.  I thought this was a well-written (well-edited?) book and although I didn't particularly like Portia before, I find myself "liking" her a lot more now!

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