Sunday, December 26, 2010

MY Christmas Tree 2010

This is our Christmas Tree 2010!  I decided to put on only the white and silver and clear ornaments, and if I had enough, I was stopping there.  Of course there is not a single tree I will EVER put up that won't include a couple of special, NON-white, NON-silver, NON-clear ornaments...  The "K" ornament Daddy made for me and the red bleeding heart ornament that I bought in honor of him...  I also included two homemade ornaments M and J made with Jack after his marriage broke up; I think they made them that next Christmas...

And no, I don't normally have a tire in my library, but that is/was one of M's gifts - one of hers died last week so J ordered a new one and it was delivered on the 23rd, just in time for Santa to take the credit!

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