Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Project Week 2 - Water

Thanks for the out, Middle Sis - I have been waiting to find some good water photos but we haven't had rain, and when it showered, I was in Virginia where the rain was either (a) overnight while I was asleep in the hotel, or (b) it was so dark and I was outside for such a short time I didn't have the time to look for a good photo...  Since you put in a couple of "oldies but goodies," I'll post a few of MY "oldies but goodies" here and will continue to look for some current water photos...  We have some rain due in on Tuesday...

Water and babies?  A sure win!  (This photo doesn't really qualify 'cause I didn't take it, but it was so cute I threw it in there for fun!)

 Caribbean Sunset, July 2009

Private Island, Caribbean, July 2009

Atlantic City, November 2010 - LOVE the sun on the water

Atlantic City, from The Pier Shops, November 2010

Atlantic City, November 2010

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  1. Very nice! The intersection of water and sky is particularly fascinating to me, maybe because water is so scarce here.

    The clouds are nice, too, and maybe should be a photo challenge in 2011.