Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photo Challenge: Books

Okay, Big Sis, you posted the first photo challenge: books. I realized while searching for this theme to photograph that I must think of books very differently than you. They are not just paper or hard cover to me; they can be  electronic, or audio, or even printed out. Perhaps reading material is a better term, but books seems a cozier word, an older word, and one that everyone understands without getting into boring specifics (like 'audio'). So it's less about the form, and all about the content to me. Sure, I recognize the traditional book is beautiful, but  as long as I can read, I don't care what form the words come in. Here are just some of the books I live with (and more photos to come as I explore this theme a bit more).

My favorite book:

There are boxes of textbooks just like these stacked in my shed.

The top shelves of this bookshelf are cat and dog books and journals, the bottom, my class lectures and basic textbooks.

Some of my fiction books.

A very messy cookbook shelf.

All of this is why I love this: my Kindle. Currently I am carrying 337 books in my purse. I love that! As you can see from this page of my Fred, I have books, .pdfs for work, and even two word games.

How could you not love a Kindle when the screensaver rotates through pictures of famous authors, the Gutenberg press, and some gorgeous public domain book-related art? Dame Agatha and the Audubon birds are my favorites.

Since we have a library at work (not show, at least not yet), my messy cubicle uses the bookshelves to organize my current projects more than books. But note the scientific journals falling onto the floor.

And audiobooks. My current 'read' or 'listen' on my iPod.

But I also use Adobe overdrive. Here, a galley of a biography of Emma Darwin I am currently reading.

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  1. I love my Kindle...I really do, but I still tend to gravitate to the book I hold in my hand. I also love a bookshelf full of books! Hardback, soft name it! Messy or organized...I adore a book shelf in a home. We have bought Paige so many of the classics for her English classes and I tell her to save them for her sister. I'm so ready for my husband to build my bookshelves!