Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Sis' Book Photos

So my house is full of books.  Books in the library, books in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the living room, in the hallway, in every bedroom.  There are even two in the bathroom, in case of emergencies!

I collect various books.  Yes, I'm a hoarder!  I collect books on books.  Books on decorating with books, books on making books, books on the history of books, books on publishing, books on bookstores, books on selling books...  You name it - if it has to do with books, it stands a darned good chance of making it into my collection!  Here's one portion of one shelf...

Here's one of my cookbook sections.  I also have the entire right section of my library wall filled with cookbooks.  Yes, I know, for someone whose strongest connection to cooking is her maiden name I am addicted to cookbooks and recipes!
Here's the library wall with a couple of display shelves thrown in for good measure.  The left side (not visible) is signed first editions on the top 5 shelves, with assorted titles on the bottom two shelves.  The second section, on the left in the next photo) is general fiction, Harry Potter, and children's books.  The next section includes dictionaries and reference works on the top two shelves, with two sculptured buildings, a schoolhouse and nursery rhyme sculptures, with books about books below them.  Just below that are a couple of shelves of motorcycle books and gardening books.  In the center section are books about books, Shakespeare, some collected Depression glass and cobalt glass and photos, and miscellaneous picture books on the bottom two shelves.  The fifth section includes health books, books on organizing your home and tons'o'decorating and home improvement books.  And as mentioned before, the entire right section is cookbooks (also not visible in the photo).

Here's a close up of my Harry Potter section:  books, ancillary products such as CD-ROM versions, collectibles, note cards, and a collection of Dan Fogelberg CDs thrown in there 'cause I just wanted it off the sofa!

And this is what I'm reading now...

So now it's your turn to pick a photo topic...

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