Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo Project

So I think we sort of decided to do a photo project, right?  Each of us would post a photo a week following a pre-determined theme?  Have we decided when to start it and what the first few themes will be?

I'm in the mood to start something like this, and perhaps, after a few weeks, I can start putting together a project containing all the photos, yours and mine...

Do you know if there's a way to post both pictures in one post?  Where you could post one and I could post the other?  I looked at settings and you can have different authors, but can two people contribute to one post?  Or will one of us have to email the photo to the other to have it added to a single post per theme?

I thought of a couple of other themes:
specific colors
sunsets (or sunrises)
our work desks

Or perhaps it might be better to simply post a photo a week, not following any particular theme or direction, but on the same day, let's say - just to see what photo we chose for that week, and how often they are similar in content, perspective, etc.

Let me know what you think.  I'm going to start looking for photos...

patrysia writes...
Okay, I've just granted you and cookiedough admin privileges, which means you can edit my post and vice versa. So we could post photos in the same post.

Why don't you pick the first theme, pick the dates we wander with our cameras, and pick the day we need to post the photo? I'm not too keen on the friends theme, just because my real life friends, like me, are camera shy and Internet shy, and strangers might think you were some crazy stalker taking photos of them. I post lots of food photos anyway, so personally, I'd want to see that theme paired with something, like "garlic" or "fruit." But we could do that if you are in the mood to cook. I cook a lot more than you, I think, so that would be an easy one for me.

Okay, let's post and see how this looks.

Ah, it just adds text without noting who wrote what, so we'll have to identify ourselves.

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