Monday, September 13, 2010

Photo Challenge

Okay, since you're interested in posting photos weekly, how about a challenge? We all try to get photos of a theme, e.g., leaves (it's autumn where you are, even if not here), or a color, or something. Then we spend a week, toting cameras around, trying to spot that theme and capture it to share.

Interested? Want to suggest something?


  1. Okey dokey, but I admit I might be scrambling to find something after you post it 'cause I've forgotten to find a picture...
    But the whole weekly thing should be doable.
    A theme, huh?
    How about a few suggestions from me, a few suggestions from you... and we just scramble them up and put them in an order, just in case we see something this week that is appropriate for 2 weeks from now...
    Unless you think that will rob what little spontaneity a week to do each theme will allow...
    I'm thinking about things like:
    - color (pick one)
    - a representation of a letter (or an actual letter)
    - what the word "home" means to you
    - an animal shot
    - a kid shot
    - autumn in NJ vs. autumn in AZ
    - our desks at work (without prepping them to look all neat and spiffy)

  2. Well, I don't have kids and don't want to photo strangers' kids or friends kids and post them and be accused of being a stalker, so I'll pass on that one, But you can post photos of Baby E.

    We don't have to have a theme every week. I just wondered if we wanted a challenge to help stimulate our creative juices.

    And I miss autumn leaves, so naturally wanted you two to take photos and share!