Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Sister's August Reads

Back when I was a book buyer, summer reading was a HUGE deal for us.  Trashy novels, beach reads, not too much to challenge the brain cells...  So with a nod to my past incarnation, I read nothing this August of any significantly redeeming social value (that was some awkward sentence construction there, that sure was!), but I read a lot of fun books!

Scarlet Nights (Jude Deveraux) - One in the Edilean series...  I didn't realize it when I picked it up, but it is one in the series and brought back some characters I recognized from previous books.  Ms. Devereaux has made a name for herself as a romance author, but I find the Edilean books to be less romance, and more general fiction.  Sure, they met, they disliked, they loved, they found each other, but it was less the bulk of the story and more a nice backdrop to the mystery Mike is trying to solve which, coincidentally, involves Sara...

Fired Up (Jayne Ann Krentz) - Not a favorite in the Arcane Society series, and #1 in The Dreamlight Trilogy.  I was disappointed.  I'm not heavy into the paranormal in my love stories but there are some (Kay Hooper's books spring to mind) that are great, but this one?  Not so much.  It was a weak story.  It dragged in spots.  It didn't really, in my humble opinion, wrap up all that well...

Black Magic (Cherry Adair) - THIS paranormal paperback, on the other hand, was okay!  I love her writing and was waiting for this one to come out for a few months now.  Some of the twists and turns and psychic powers repeat themselves throughout this series of books, but it's okay when the stories are quick-paced and fun to read.  Besides, who couldn't find a hero named Jack (Slater) appealing?!?!

Veil of Night (Linda Howard) - This one was fun simply because of the setting:  wedding planner is pulled into it all when her most troublesome bride is found murdered and just guess who was the last one the bridezilla beat up before her untimely and very violent death?  You guessed it:  wedding planner Jaclyn Wilde.  Jaclyn and Eric had a wild passionate one night stand the night and while Eric has every intention of seeing Jaclyn again, she's planning for this to have been a real one-nighter...  although she was sort of hoping Eric would call her as promised...  But then the bride is murdered, and guess who shows up as the detective in charge of the case?  Eric the handsome policeman and last night's one-night stand!

Tough Customer (Sandra Brown) - I do love her current fiction, and this one doesn't disappoint.  I must admit, I really didn't like our hero too much, not the least of which was I hate his name:  Dodge Hanley.  And although he comes running when his ex calls him for help with their 30-year old daughter (yes, another thing that put me off:  he never knew his daughter throughout her entire life), I'm never quite sure I like him through the book.  All's well that ends well, and there's lots of danger what with that madman stalking his daughter...  It was good, and there was a surprise twist in the ending that I really didn't see coming.  I sort of thought when it wrapped up that there was something missing, but since that wasn't truly the end of the story, I wasn't disappointed!!!

Cure (Robin Cook) - I do love me a medical mystery and one by Robin Cook just fits the bill perfectly!  I love Jack and Laurie so with them as the main characters, one can't go wrong.  And I loved the story line, too, all the big business intrigue wrapped around stem cell research and the Japanese Mafia...

Postcard Killers (James Patterson and Liza Marklund) - Yes, I know, he writes 600 books a year, or at least it seems like he does!  And to be honest, I sometimes feel like he's just taking advantage of his name to sell a book, but in the interests of being honest, they're all good and fun to read and well, if we're buying, why shouldn't he be writing?!  This one takes place in Europe where young honeymooners are being murdered in creative and very disturbing ways.  And in this book, life most definitely DOES imitate art!  That's my only clue!  I liked the characters, I hated the bad guys, and the story ended well.

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