Thursday, August 5, 2010

Polish Restaurant

My friend took my out to dinner last night as a thank you for watching her cat while she was out of town. She comes from a many-generations-down-the-line German family, so last year she and I tried a new Polish-German restaurant, Amber. Amazingly, it is still in business despite lots of my favorites restaurants here in town going under the past two years. The golabki is almost as good as Babci's (our babci's, not the current family matriarch's, whose golabki are good, but not like Babci's), and the kielbasa is delicious! I asked the first time we ate there if they flew it in from Chicago or somewhere with a huge Polish population because I didn't think you could find such good kielbasa locally. Last night I tried the mizeria, and it was just as good as Mom's and mine. I had the pierogi plate this time (we split the family sampler the first time)--very good.

You must come and visit because I want to take Mom there.

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