Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Glimpse of Our Every Day...

I've seen a few websites where two people who live miles apart, or even on different continents, post a picture a day, every day, with no guidance or hint of what they or the other person will be photographing.  Amazingly, there are days when both opt to post a photo of breakfast, or of a sunrise, or of their Sunday best, or of their dog, and it's interesting to see what catches their camera's eye on a given day.

So I asked Middle Sister if she wanted to try such a project, although I adamantly mentioned that "every day" was simply too big a commitment on my part!  So we're starting with once a week...  [Note to Little Sister:  Feel free to join in.  The only reason I didn't ask you if you wanted to be a part of this is because I'm not sure you have enough time to do anything at all extra...  If you can, though, one picture a week?  Try!]

So the plan was to include, as my first photo, a picture taken this morning by cell phone, so the quality is not that great, a photo of the weather from my office window, highlighting what little you can see of the NYC skyline...  BUT, for some unknown reason I have yet to determine, even though I rotated the picture before saving it, it insists on posting 90 degrees off, so I'm going to choose another photo to start this project off...

Hmmm, how about a photo of Mom after we took her for her birthday dinner at Red Robin, where she enjoyed 1/2 of her 'Shroom Burger.  I guess the waiter heard Jack mention that the birthday girl could order first, and he caught my eye behind Mom's back, and asked, "Birthday?  Dessert?"  I nodded; Mom asked what I was nodding for, and I lied and said he'd asked if we were ready for the check.  A few moments later, 4 waiters and waitresses came over and sang Happy Birthday to Mom and brought her a free sundae!  Mmmm!!!

Middle Sis, you're up!

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  1. I hope Birthday Girl ate the whole sundae by herself!

    Hmm, will have to wait til I get home, since I've never put the software for my camera on my work laptop. For obvious reasons. Even more goofing off would result!