Monday, May 3, 2010

Big Sister's April Reads

Only time for a list, no time for a review...

Think Twice - Lisa Scottoline - haven't read her in a while, liked this one - good twin/evil twin, buried alive, taking over other's identity, lots of twists...

Caught - Harlan Coban - another great read - am a huge fan of this author now! I think there are only 3 I haven't read!

Journal Bliss - Violette - some reference reading for my art journal class - was recommended by someone in the class - I was a bit disappointed, but it was okay - a few good methods were reviewed

Game Change - John Heilemann and Mark Halperin - political review of Obama/Clinton and McCain/Palin - I thought I heard it was slanted toward the McCain/Palin side and I'm only half-way through it; got through the Obama and Clinton half of the book - I felt it was very fair - neither of them are ogres or bullies, and the authors truly seemed to represent them without bias or their own personal politics getting in the way - and it reads like a novel, VERY easy to read! Will finish this review when I'm done with the book!

Eight Days to Live - Iris Johansen - great read, as usual; my only disappointment was that Bonnie didn't appear in this one to speak with her mom or with Joe, who can now see her

Conservative Victory - Sean Hannity - very much slanted toward a conservative, Reagan Republican's view, which is my policital leaning so I enjoyed this book tremendously

Numerous magazines, too numerous, in fact, to list!!!

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  1. Hi There,

    I am so sorry that my book Journal Bliss was a disappointment to you. It would be helpful to me if you let me know what you didn't like and what you "would have" liked to see in the book. That way i will know better for my next book. Thanks - here is my e-mail address:

    Love, Violette